Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Blacksmithing Guide – Weapon Fusion, Rusty Weapons, & More

Removing the Confusion from Fusing Weapons

The Blacksmith in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is the primary method of upgrading characters. Here you fuse weapons together to either increase their stats or customize them to give you different benefits in battle. In this guide we’ll explain blacksmithing as a whole including how to unlock it, details on weapon fusion, rusty weapons, and give some tips!

Unlocking the Blacksmith

The “Brawny Blacksmiths” quest becomes available after finishing the second mission in Chapter 1, “Road to the Ancient Lab.” This quest appears near Hyrule Castle and can be completed by turning in 1x Courser Bee Honey and 200x Bokoblin Trophies, both of which you’ll have just by completing both missions in the chapter.

At the end of every mission, you’ll be rewarded with a handful of weapons with random properties. You can equip the weapons, but usually you’ll want to head to the Hylian Blacksmith Guild to fuse them with other weapons or sell them. Later in the game, a new Octo-Polish option unlocks that will clean up rusty weapons.

Blacksmithing Basics

On the overworld map, go to the Hylian Blacksmith Guild and select Fuse Weapons. Select which hero you want to begin the process on, then choose the weapon you want to enhance. The weapon you currently have equipped is highlighted in blue, but you’re not required to enhance that one.

You will then have an option to choose up to five other weapons as Fusing Material. Each weapon fused adds 50 rupees to the cost of the process, and every weapon used as Fusing Material is destroyed.

Most fuses are just to add experience to other weapons, increasing the stats on the weapon being enhanced for every level gained. However, the most useful part of the Fusing process is taking weapon properties off those being fused, and putting them on a weapon of your choice.

Fusing Weapons

Most weapons will have what are known as Seals. They are the small, white icons under the item’s level on the right half of the screen. Ignoring what’s inside the Seals for now, each Seal has a shape: circle, square, hexagon, or star. The goal for the most optimal upgrades is, at certain intervals described below, to match the shape of seals on Fusion Materials with those on the weapon being enhanced. While not required, doing so will give a small bonus to the weapon’s attack power or the properties on the weapon. If you’re able to match the Seal shape at every milestone fusion, you’re going to have quite a powerful weapon!

See the star-shaped Seal under the weapon’s level on the right.

The icon inside each Seal represents a different weapon property, such as Attack Range, Attack Speed, Special Attack Charge rate, and more. Overall there are more than 20 different weapon properties and you don’t need to memorize them as the game will tell you what each is when looking at a weapon.

Transferring Weapon Properties

Now this is the fun part. You can customize the bonuses on weapons by taking weapon properties off the ones being fused.

Every fifth level a weapon is upgraded (levels 5, 10, 15, and 20) is a milestone, and the next time you fuse, the process will take the property of the FIRST weapon you choose as Fusion Material, and put it on the one being enhanced. This allows you to build weapons meant for different purposes, such as weapons made for stages with more boss fights (an increase to Perfect-Dodge Timing), or weapons to use when you’re having trouble on a stage, making enemies drop more health restore (Healing-Item Drop Rate).

At the level 5, 10, 15, or 20 milestones, if you match the shape of the seals with the first weapon chosen as Fusion Material, you’ll get a Seal-matching bonus that increases the weapon’s strength. You can tell you’ve done this after fusion because the Seals on the weapon will have a smokey effect.

Weapons that have a small, grey plus sign are ready to receive a weapon property. Basic weapons that have no properties when you collect them will be ready to take a weapon property in its first fusion.


  • Don’t worry too much about getting a handle on Blacksmithing for the first two chapters. Go ahead and fuse weapons together just to make your weapons stronger. You’re going to get a lot of weapons as you complete and re-complete missions and quests.
  • Save weapons that have a Seal shape you want to
  • Watch for weapons with the “High-Resell” property and sell them instead of fusing them.
  • Create a set of weapons for at least one hero that is made to farm crafting materials.
  • Use Octo-Polish to remove rust from Rusty Weapons comes after completing the Rusty to Trusty quest that unlocks after the Chapter 3 mission: “Freeing Korok Forest.” Rusty Weapons are unique weapons that start off stronger at level one than basic weapons.
  • Also don’t worry about mistakes. In Chapter 5 you’ll earn the ability to remove seals from weapons.