How to Use the Destiny 2 Companion App

There are a lot of different apps and sites out there that can help you out during a Destiny 2 session. One of the most useful is the Destiny 2 Companion, Bungie’s official app for mobile devices. There’s a lot of information packed into the app, so here’s how to use it to its fullest potential.

Director Tab — Destiny 2 Companion App

The Director tab is where you’ll land when you open the app. Here, you can see the latest Bungie news posts at the top of the screen, four buttons for Pursuits, the current Season Pass, Vendors, and Bounties, your online Bungie friends, Seasonal Challenges, and your weekly challenges. Let’s break these down.

Pursuits, Season, Vendors, and Bounties

The Pursuits button brings up the same Pursuits page that you can in Destiny 2 itself — it displays your current quests and progress. The Season button functions similarly, showing you the current Season Pass track. However, here you can also click through to collect any unclaimed rewards you earned in the previous season, which is something you can’t do in-game. The Vendors button lets you inspect the inventories of Destiny 2 vendors, though you can’t typically buy items straight from the app. Bounties is probably the most useful of the four, allowing you to purchase in-game bounties directly from the app as long as you’re in orbit. This can be a huge time-saver if you’re stocking up on bounties, obviating the need to travel to the Tower or H.E.L.M. to interact with a vendor every time you want to re-up.


Here you can see both the current Seasonal Challenges and your weekly vendor and activity challenges. Information on these latter challenges is available in-game, but requires you to manually inspect each challenge source, so it can be useful to review all of them in one place in order to plan your activities.

Guardian Tab — Destiny 2 Companion App

The Guardian Tab functions like the inventory screen in Destiny 2. Here you can check your Triumphs, Collections, Patterns & Catalysts, Lore, and so on. The most useful aspect of this tab, however, is the ability to swap gear between your characters and the Vault from orbit, as well as collect items from the Postmaster. DIM also lets you do this, but it’s nice to have it integrated into the official app.

Clan Tab

The Clan Tab displays your clan history, progression, and fireteams. Many clans use Discord or other third-party software to organize and communicate, but this could be useful for those who don’t.

Fireteams Tab

One of the best features of the Destiny 2 Companion app is the Fireteams finder, which lets you both create and join Destiny 2 fireteams. This can be a huge help for activities which lack matchmaking, like higher-level Nightfalls, Dungeons, and so on. When creating a Fireteam, be sure to specify the activity in the Fireteam Title as well as in the “What do you want to play?” menu, as players can search by the latter. Once your fireteam fills up, press the highlighted button to send in-game invites to the players who have joined — and make sure your settings will allow non-friends to join you. In case you were wondering, “KWTD” means “know what to do.” If you join a fireteam with this in the title, make sure you’re familiar with it first.

“More” Tab — Destiny 2 Companion App

The final tab in the Destiny 2 Companion App allows you to access Bungie messages, friends, the forums, app settings, and everything else that doesn’t quite fit into the prior categories. You’ll most likely use this tab, if you use it at all, for communicating with people you’re forming fireteams with.

That’s about it for the Destiny 2 Companion App. As the name suggests, it’s a great companion to your Destiny 2 adventures. If you have any questions about it that we haven’t addressed, let us know in the comments.