How to Unlock the Traveling Supporter Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Talk about getting carried through content.

Final Fantasy XIV’s¬†Patch 6.4 introduced PvP Series Four, bringing a horde of Trophy Crystals for players to earn and five unique rewards sprinkled in the mix. The last of these distinctive rewards is the Traveling Supporter mount, a magitek bunny that dutifully carries the Warrior of Light in the most graceful method of travel — piggyback.

The Traveling Supporter Identification Key is awarded by reaching level 25 of the latest PvP Series, meaning those looking to earn it need to prepare for many battles against their fellow Warriors of Light. Achieving Series Malmstone 25 requires 108,000 Series EXP in total. Earning that much experience may sound daunting, but PvP Series Four isn’t going anywhere — at least not anytime soon. Each PvP Series introduced in FFXIV runs for the length of each major patch, meaning players have months to progress through it and earn all of the rewards.

List of 30 rewards for PVP
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The EXP required to progress increases for every five levels players advance in the Series. Series Malmstones one through four need 2,000 Series EXP each to complete, then the requirement increases to 3,000 upon hitting the fifth Malmstone. A victory in Crystalline Conflict awards 900 Series EXP, while a defeat awards 700. A first-place win in Frontline grants 1,500 Series EXP, while second and third give 1,250 and 1,000, respectively.

With the fast queue times and match lengths of Crystalline Conflict and Daily Challenge: Frontline now awarding Series EXP, those looking to earn the Traveling Supporter can naturally chip away at PvP Series Four over time without rushing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.