How to Unlock the Pandaemonium: Anabaseios Raids in Final Fantasy XIV

The final act of the Pandaemonium Raid series has arrived.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker continues to provide engaging stories with each new patch since its release. With the release of Patch 6.4, its Pandaemonium Raid quest line receives its third and final act — Anabaseios.

The eight-man Raid series leads the Warrior of Light through the Pandaemonium, facing off against a series of powerful, ancient creations. The Anabaseios phase brings the conclusion to the storyline that began back in Patch 6.01. Players who have already made progress throughout  the Pandaemonium quests won’t have much to worry about in terms of unlocking the newest Raids, as they can continue where they last left off. Those who are looking to catch up, however, have a few steps that they need to take.

How to Unlock the Pandaemonium: Anabaseios Raids in Final Fantasy XIV

The Anabaseios storyline begins with the quest “Eater of Souls” given by Ruissenaud in Labyrinthos (X:8.6 Y:27.5). The patch notes indicate that there are five quests in this conclusion of the Raid series, four of them presumably unlocking the four new Circles of Pandaemonium. Players looking to participate in these new Raids must have a Disciple of War or Magic at level 90 and completed the Chronicles of a New Era quest “Truth Imperfect.”

“The Truth Imperfect” was the last quest added to the Pandaemonium series in Patch 6.2, meaning that players will need to have completed all previous quests in the chain to partake in the newest Anabaseios Raids. For those looking to begin the Raid series for the first time, the quest “The Crystal from Beyond” given by Nemjiji in Old Sharlayan (X: 9.6, Y: 11.9) kicks off the storyline after completing the Main Scenario Quest “Endwalker.”

As per the pattern set with each Raid series, the Savage difficulty of the Anabaseios Raids will release one week after the launch of the normal difficulty.