How to Unlock the M13B Weapon in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 has officially launched for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it’s introducing a brand new DMZ mode. Taking inspiration from games such as Escape From Tarkov and The Cycle: Frontier, DMZ drops up to three players per squad into a large map to loot, scavenge, and extract with the goodies they find. However, a large portion of Modern Warfare 2’s fanbase may be unfamiliar with this high-stakes game mode and how it works. Here’s how you unlock the new Season 1 weapon, the M13B, in the DMZ game mode:

Modern Warfare 2 M13B

How to Unlock the M13B in Modern Warfare 2

At the time of writing this, there is only one way to unlock the new M13B assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2. To get this gun, you will need to locate it in the DMZ mode and successfully extract with the M13B in your inventory. To do this, load into DMZ and then bring up your map once you gained control of your soldier. Look for a large yellow circle on the map with a pink radiation symbol on it
(shown above). If you’re unlucky like me, this area will be located quite far away from where you spawn. Means, you’ll need to trek across the massive map to reach this point.

However, before you go to the radiation zone, I recommend hunting down or purchasing a gas mask. This costs $2,000 or can be a possible reward when opening up a loot crate. Once you own a gas mask, make your way to the radiation zone and fight your way through the heavily armored guards roaming around. You’re looking for a man in a bright yellow hazmat suit called the Chemist. This is a boss-tier enemy and there is only one that spawns per radiation zone. Upon killing the Chemist, he will drop an M13B which you’ll need to pick up and extract. Successfully exiting the map while havinbg the Chemist’s M13B in your inventory will automatically unlock this weapon for all game modes. 

Keep in mind, only th person holding the M13B will actually unlock the gun. So if you’re playing with friends you’ll need to run DMZ multiple times until everyone has this gun. Alternatively, you can cheese unlocking this weapon if someone already has the gun. See, the game doesn’t care how you got the M13B, so long as you actually extract with it. Meaning if you kill an enemy player using one or if your teammate drops it for you then you can extract with that gun to unlock it. This is a much easier method so long as you have M13B’s to give away.