How to Unlock the Hand to Heart Emote in Final Fantasy XIV

You'll have to bring the pain before you can show you're sincere.

Final Fantasy XIV brings plenty of ways for players to express themselves through the use of glamours and emotes. One of Patch 6.4’s newest emotes, Hand to Heart, allows players to express their heartfelt sincerity towards their target — or maybe let them know that they’re giving them heartburn.

Hand to Heart comes as a reward from PvP Series Four, a somewhat unlikely source considering alumni emotes from the previous PvP Series contained the likes of the fist-punching Determined, the morale boosting Spirit, and the infamous “incoming phonecall” Linkpearl.

Those aiming to add Hand to Heart to their collection of emotes must reach Series level five of the new PvP Series, then it can be claimed from the Series Malmstones section of the PvP Profile.

Reaching level five in PvP Series Four

The earliest levels of each PvP Series are the quickest to progress through since the higher your Series level, the larger amount of experience is required to reach the next level. Advancing from Series level one to level five requires 8,000 Series EXP. A single match of Crystalline Conflict will grant you 900 experience if you come out victorious and 700 if your team is defeated. Frontline matches will award 1,500 Series EXP for a first place victory, 1,250 for second place, and 1,000 for third place.

Which PvP mode to use as the Series Four leveling method depends on player preference. The lower player count requirement and shorter match times for Crystalline Conflict make it the fastest option, but players should choose which PvP mode they enjoy most. Each PvP Series lasts for several months, so there is plenty of time to obtain Hand to Heart and the other rewards that PvP Series Four brings.