How to Unlock Roy Halladay in MLB the Show 22

It's Halla's Day, if you will.

Roy Halladay was the most dominant pitcher in baseball for a full decade. His arsenal of deadly accurate fastballs devastated batters and his endurance enabled him to lead the league in innings pitched several times throughout his career. Now, with the arrival of the Halladay and Friends program, the legendary “Doc” Halladay, can anchor your Diamond Dynasty squad.. Here’s how to unlock Roy Halladay in MLB the Show 22.

How to Unlock Roy Halladay in MLB the Show

Halladay and Friends is a limited time program in Diamond Dynasty running from May 20 through June 3. Similar to other programs, you will be working your way up a series of rewards, similar to a battle pass. This can be a bit of a double edged sword. Nearly everything you do in The Show earns you XP, be it winning a World Series with your Franchise or success on the field with your Road to the Show Player, so you will always be making progress towards your next rank up. However, these XP rank up requirements can be high, with a full 200,000 XP required to unlock the featured card for Halladay himself. That’s potentially a significant time investment.

If you miss this limited time program, you will need to purchase Roy Halladay from the marketplace. At the time of publishing, he’s going for 19,000 Stubbs.

The good news is that the Halladay and Friends program comes with several built-in opportunities to help you quickly earn bonus XP.

Daily Moments

1000 XP each.

There are three daily Moments, each day one of the three expires and is replaced by a new one.

2000 XP each.

These ten moments put you in the shoes of Halladay and his former teammates. Your task is to recreate a past performance as one of those players.

Legends and Flashback Mission

3000 XP each.

Play as Halladay or one of his eight featured teammates in any mode. Tallying stats earns you Parallel XP with that player, accumulate enough with each player to receive the XP reward.


25,000 XP total.

Live series cards that you own, but have not added to collections can be exchanged for points. 150,000 points will award you 10,000 XP, reaching 225,000 will net you 15,000 XP.

Ring the Bell and Doc’s Stethoscope Conquests

30,000 XP.

There are two themed conquest maps that have large XP bonuses for your first completion. Use your Diamond Dynasty squad to take over territory on the map, and defeat other teams in a game that mixes strategy with short, three inning games. Take over the entire map to win the XP prize. These are some of the fastest ways to convert gametime to XP, and should be priorities.

March to October

Variable XP Bonuses, Average of 55,000-105,000 XP depending on difficulty.

Advancing through this truncated season mode is a good source for XP in general, and awards bonus XP based on your performance standings at the All-Star Break and the end of the season. Additional XP can be earned by winning in the playoffs, and the World Series.

You need a lot of XP to earn the best version of Roy Halladay, but it’s worth the effort for an all time great pitcher. Focus on Hallady and Friends tasks, and keep accumulating XP in MLB the Show 22. And eventually you can add Doc to your rotation.