How to Unlock Every Legend in Apex Legends Mobile

Everyone is Here! (sort of)

Grab your Wingman, dust off your Jump Pads, and get ready to pass Jumpmaster to someone else because Apex Legends Mobile is here. Acting as a standalone experience from the PC/console version, Apex Legends Mobile seeks to take the fast-paced gameplay and let you experience it on the go. While some aspects will be quite familiar to veteran players, the mobile version differentiates itself in several ways.

One of the most notable is the roster and how you go about unlocking all of the characters. While the PC version of Apex Legends has 21 playable characters, Apex Legends Mobile only has 10 at launch. Additionally, only one character will be available when you first boot up the game. Here is how to unlock every character in Apex Legends Mobile so you climb the ranks with your favorite legend.

Apex Legends Mobile Perks

How to Unlock Every Legend

To unlock eight of the ten legends you will need to gain experience and progress your player rank. At the start of the game, only Bloodhound will be available, but as you earn more XP others will become available. Experience is earned by just playing the game, getting kills, surviving, and winning matches. Keep in mind, that your player rank is different than your battle pass rank. The former is your general rank that will progress regardless of what season you are on. Along with new characters, you’ll earn a variety of skins and Apex Packs for just rising through the levels. Player ranks cannot be purchased and do not require you to spend any real-world money.

Here are the ranks each legend unlocks at:

  • Bangalore – Level 2
  • Lifeline  – Level 3
  • Pathfinder – Level 4
  • Gibraltar – Level 6
  • Wraith – Level 15
  • Caustic – Level 20
  • Mirage – Level 24

Apex Legends Mobile Unlock Fade

You’ll notice that we are missing a legend on this list and that’s because he is tied to the Season One battle pass. Named “Fade,” this is the first mobile-exclusive legend in the game. To unlock Fade you will need to progress through the battle pass until you’ve earned a new currency called Fade Pieces. You will need a total of 10 Fade Pieces to unlock Fade without spending any real-world money.

The battle pass is split into a free and premium rewards track, with the free one rewarding Fade Pieces. Players will earn 2 Fade Pieces at Battle Pass rank 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25. Once you hit level 25 you will have enough Fade Pieces to purchase this legend. This is the only way to earn Fade Pieces, so make sure to complete your Battle Pass challenges so you can rise through the ranks to unlock this new currency.

To level up your battle pass, you will need to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. These range from just completing matches with a specific character to dealing damage with certain weapons. Daily Challenges change every 24 hours, while Weekly ones are, unsurprisingly, unlocked every week. You can also unlock Fade by spending 750 Apex Coins, but these are earned by paying real money or through the battle pass. Personally, I recommend just grinding through the battle pass since you don’t need to progress far to unlock Fade.