How to Take Down Odogaron – Monster Hunter: World Guide

Monster Hunter: World is full of dangerous beasts. Odogaron is one of the most savage among those creatures — not to mention one of many players’ first real stumbling blocks in the campaign. There’s a good chance you’ll run across the monster, a wolf-like beast in red, in the Rotten Vale and even the Coral Highlands.

When you do, Odogaron’s viciousness and speed can be a big threat when you first encounter it. Our Monster Hunter: World Odogaron guide will help you slay this beast.

Understanding Odogaron in Monster Hunter: World

You first need to fight Odogoran in the main quest “Into the Bowels of the Vale.” It’s pretty likely this will be the first time you enter the lower areas of the Rotten Vale, where you have to deal with the effects of effluvia (a poisonous gas permeated large parts of the area). On top of that, Odogaron itself his not an easy fight. This Assignment will be your toughest one yet.

Odogaron is on the smaller side, but don’t let that fool you. It’s extremely fast and aggressive. It’ll bite and claw at you quickly then bound away, making Odogaron difficult to hit. Ranged weapons may not be the best choice against this monster, however, due to its ability to quickly move in and mess up a charged blow.

Odogaron Guide Monster Hunter

Bleeding Out

Odogaron’s attacks have a moderate chance to cause the Bleeding status effect. This is an uncommon ailment that can be super dangerous. If you’re bleeding, you take damage whenever you move, attack, or dodge. You must do a lot of all three while fighting Odogoran. On top of the effects of effluvia, you can end up low on health very quickly.

There are two ways to recover from bleeding. First, you can crouch for a bit and hold still to heal naturally. To crouch, press the dodge button when you’re not moving. Second, you can eat a meat item, such as Astera Jerky or Well-Done Steak, to stop the bleeding. Bleeding is one of the few status effects that can’t be cured with a Nulberry, so make sure you’re prepared for it.

Surviving the Rotten Vale

Out of all the areas in Monster Hunter: World, the Rotten Vale is the most dangerous. Living up to its name, the rotting corpses of the monsters from the Coral Highlands create a toxic environment for hunters and many monsters alike. It’s an area where only the strongest can survive — and the monsters that live in the Vale are incredibly tough. That includes Odogaron.

A number of the areas of the Rotten Vale are covered in effluvia. The dangerous gas will do consistent tick damage. Meanwhile, spending too long without protection will cause Effluvial Buildup, which knocks your maximum HP in half. You likely won’t have any effluvia protection when going to fight Odogaron for the first time in the Vale. So make sure to bring Nulberries and a ton of potions to help counteract the damage.

Odogaron Guide Monster Hunter

Tips to Beat Odogaron in Monster Hunter: World

Don’t forget some meat, potions, and Nulberries. If you’re fighting Odogron in the Rotten Vale, you’ll have to deal with a lot of hazards. Make sure you’re well prepared. If you’re in the Coral Highlands, you won’t need the Nulberries.

Traps can slow Odogaron down. Even if you plan to kill Odogaron outright, instead of capturing it, traps are still useful in stopping the beast. Take advantage of the few second respite to heal or get some good hits in.

Don’t be afraid to launch an S.O.S. flare. Odogaron can be incredibly tough to take down solo — especially if you’re attempting the Main Assignment for the first time. Extra hunters can help you survive while you learn the fight.

You can trick Odogaron with meat. The various meat items (Poisoned Meat, Tinged Meat, and Drugged Meat) can be used against Odogaron to lure him into traps and other situations that are favorable for you.

Odogaron is weak to Ice and Thunder elements. However, the best weapon you can use against this monster is simply the one you can hit the most consistently with. We’d even argue that high Affinity is more important against Odogaron than hitting an elemental weakness. Of course, having both high Affinity and hitting the beast’s elemental weaknesses is best.