How to Secure Your First Fortnite Mobile Win

Fortnite: Battle Royale is now out on Android, which means smartphone users across the globe can finally play the game together. Before you hop in, though, you should know Epic Games introduced significant changes to the game’s controls, aim assist mechanics, and UI layout for the battle royale hit’s mobile launch.

If you want to win that sweet Victory Royale, you need to relearn how to play Fortnite on your iOS or Android device. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, we’ve gone ahead and broken down the top tips and tricks that every mobile player should know before starting their first match.

Make Sure You Have a Stable Internet Connection

Before opening up your Fortnite app, make sure your internet connection is stable enough to play online.

For one, we recommend using either a wireless or wired internet connection if you’re at home. Both provide high-speed internet access that doesn’t eat into your phone’s data plan. If you’re away from home, a 4G internet connection will still do the trick, but your connection may drop if you’re traveling in a car or in an area with a low cell signal. Try loading a YouTube video or surfing the web first. If your phone struggles to keep up, then your connection may be too weak for Fortnite on mobile.

Alternatively, if your internet connection is fine, but you’re still lagging in-game, make sure you’re playing in the right region. Head into the Settings menu and click the “Game” tab. Then verify your matchmaking region is set to the location with the lowest possible ping. The game should automatically choose the nearest servers for the best online experience. But depending on where you live or if you’re traveling, you may need to fiddle with these settings before you find the perfect match.

Study the New Controls and Relearn the UI

Fortnite’s mobile iteration looks and feels slightly different than its console and PC counterparts. That’s because Epic Games introduced new features to streamline the game’s mobile experience. It’s now easier for players that don’t have a controller or full-blown mouse and keyboard setup

For one, the game automatically opens doors and picks up items by default. Fortnite mobile also uses a 360 degree visual sound indicator. It tells players where nearby footsteps, gunfire, and treasure chests are located. Relying on both of these can save time, clue you in to nearby trouble, and keep your fingers where they belong—near the fire button.

Fortnite’s button layout can take some time to learn. That’s because the game, naturally, relies on touch screen controls. Jumping, crouching, firing, and reloading all feature corresponding in-game buttons, and players can move by using their left thumb on the bottom-left corner of their screen.

We recommend playing several matches alone in solo matchmaking before partnering with friends. Doing so should give you enough time to study the game’s UI, learn where to place your thumbs (you have to press , and practice the muscle memory you need to quickly switch between building and shooting.

Keep Aim Assist On (and Aim Down Those Sights!)

More than any other Fortnite release, it’s incredibly difficult to aim on the mobile version. Android and iOS players need to rely on aim assist in order to win matches. This feature can help you lock onto players and track their movements from both near and afar.

Make sure to regularly aim down the sights when engaging enemies. Using both ADS and aim assist will simultaneously lock your camera onto an enemy and improve your accuracy while opening fire. Once you’re locked on and firing, then try to adjust your aim to maximize damage.

If your opponent is standing still, for instance, try to aim for their head. If they’re fleeing from you, compensate for bullet drop by tracking their movement. Assault Rifles and SMGs benefit the most from aiming down the sights, but even short-range weapons like Pistols and Shotguns benefit from locking onto your opponent. The objective is always to land as many bullets land as possible. Everything else comes secondary.

Choose Your Loadout Carefully

Aim assist can make or break your survival in Fortnite mobile. That means certain weapons are stronger picks than others on the battlefield. You want to choose your loadout carefully in-game, ideally prioritizing weapons that let you hone in on an enemy at close-range and deal some serious damage.

We recommend keeping a Shotgun and either an SMG or Assault Rifle in your loadout at all times. Shotguns and SMGs quickly kill short-range opponents headed your way, thanks to Fortnite mobile’s aim assist. Assault Rifles help you track enemies in the distance and fend them off if they’re camping in a fort. Combat is aggressive and clunky in mobile. So you want to swap out weapons that require precise aiming—like the Burst Assault Rifle or Hunting Rifle—and punish missed shots. 

Scoped Assault Rifles and Thermal Scoped Assault Rifles in particular are excellent choices for mobile players. Both feature powerful scopes that let players aim at enemies from far away, and the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle works wonders thanks to its heat-detecting sensor. Pick up one or the other if possible, especially if you plan on camping out in a sniper tower during play.

Practice Building Quickly and Efficiently

More than anything, Fortnite’s mobile rendition forces you to relearn how to lay down forts. While you may have strong reflexes for building on console or PC, the game’s mobile controls are a little clunky in comparison. It takes time to adjust and quickly build panic ramps or 2×2 towers. We recommend taking some time to practice building before teaming up with your friends.

The best way to learn to build in Fortnite mobile is to simply jump into a solo or playground match and start practicing. Drop somewhere far away from Tilted Towers, or any other major point of interest, collect materials, and start building basic structures, one step at a time.

Turbo Building is also your best friend. Turn it on in the settings menu to let yourself “auto-build” a multiple structures by holding down the build button. The most basic building in Fortnite is four straight walls flush against a single, inner ramp. It provides both protection and a height advantage. With Turbo Building, you can spin around to create the four walls first, then follow up with the “offensive” ramp.

Finally, practice the thumb movements and controls you need. Once you have each basic structure down, try building each one faster. Soon enough, you’ll lay down towers and ramps in no time—almost as if you were playing on any other platform.