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How to Scratch the Vinyl in the Club - Stray Scratch Trophy Guide

Panic at the hisssco.

The best game of 2022 is finally here. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray lets players control a wayward cat that gets separated from its clowder and must explore a mysterious, desolate city. Boasting a mix of platforming, puzzles, and chase sequences, Stray is more than just wandering around as an adorable feline.

Along your journey, you will come across several collectibles and side quests you can complete. There are also several trophies/achievements you can unlock, some of which will require some extra work to obtain. One of these is Scratch, which asks you to scratch the vinyl record in the nightclub.

Tied to the tenth chapter Midtown, this one is actually pretty easy to miss since you’ll need to actually find the record first before you can get your paws on it. Here’s a guide on how to scratch the vinyl in Stray.

How to Earn the Scratch Trophy/Achievement

Access the Nightclub

Stray Scratch Trophy

You can only access the nightclub near the end of this chapter. After you’ve swiped the battery from the Neco Factory and deciphered the message in Clementine’s apartment, the club will be open.

Return to the main road and head into the alleyway behind the club, where the robot with the traffic cone on his head is sweeping. Use the pipes and air ducts to climb up onto the balcony. From here, you can hop onto a pipe that wraps around the back of the nightclub. Approach the window with the robot leaning out of it and speak to them to get inside.

Once you enter the nightclub, you cannot leave. Make sure to grab all the other collectibles and memories before going in!

Get the Vinyl Record

Stray Scratch Trophy

Once you’re in the club, look for an empty table along the back wall. On top of this table is the vinyl record, which you can pick up by pressing Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PlayStation). The record blends in with the table, which can make it pretty difficult to locate if you aren’t actively searching for it.

Bring the Record to the DJ Stand

Stray Scratch Trophy

With the record in your possession, climb onto the DJ booth where discount Daft Punk is jamming. Place the vinyl onto the record player and then press interact to start scratching away. Not only will this earn you the trophy/achievement, but you’ll also get to add your own flair to the music.

While you’re in the club, you’ll also want to snag the memory that’s hidden in the storage room. This can be accessed by going to the bar and climbing onto the small elevator behind the bartender. After a few seconds, it will lower and bring you to the basement. The memory is in the middle of the room on the table with the bottles.

After you snag the memory and unlock the Scratch trophy, you can continue making your way to Blazer in the VIP area. Interact with the robot along the wall and trade the yellow drink at the bar for the lever.

Then, attach the lever next to the lift by the DJ and ride it to the second floor. Now just lower the lightning to make a path and you will have completed the Midtown mission.

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