How to obtain The Major-General minion in Final Fantasy XIV

There’s not a single thought behind those eyes.

Final Fantasy XIV is known for having a plethora of minions the Warrior of Light can obtain through various methods and activities. One of the more sought-after cute companions is The Major-General, a small shark companion who waddles after the player wherever they go, occasionally getting the zoomies and swimming in circles when idle. 

The Major-General comes from an achievement named “No More Fish in the Sea I,” which requires 5,000 points during a single Ocean Fishing voyage. It’s not the most challenging minion to obtain, but it can be a bit of a daunting task for those unfamiliar with Ocean Fishing and the Fisher job in general.

How to unlock Ocean Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV

First, players will need to be sure to unlock Ocean Fishing to be able to grab the cute Major-General. It is not a very long process, requiring players to simply have their Fisher job at level one and have completed the intro job quest “My First Fishing Rod,” given by Sisipu at the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 7, Y: 14).

Once those steps are out of the way, completing the quest “All The Fish in the Sea” from Fhilsnoe in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 7.8, Y: 14.5) is all that is required to begin your very first Ocean Fishing voyage.

Ocean Fishing voyages take place every two real-world hours and can be started by speaking to Dryskthota in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 3.0 Y: 12.7) on the mark of the hour. Thankfully the community has created sites such as Lulu’s Tools to keep track of when the next voyage will be departing and what kind of fish you can expect to see while you’re out on the high seas.

Image via Square Enix

How to obtain 5,000 points in Ocean Fishing voyages in Final Fantasy XIV

Your Ocean Fishing score is based on the different fish caught and how many objectives were completed during the voyage. Each aquatic critter rewards a specific score based on their species and a bonus is given based on if their size is considered “large” or not. On top of that, the objectives of each voyage can vary, such as hooking a specific type of fish or catching a fish with a weak or strong bite strength. It is recommended that you focus on the objectives first and foremost, as they will add to your final point total once the voyage is completed.

A large number of points can be obtained during Spectral Currents, which are triggered randomly by catching Spectral fish. Besides completing their own objectives, triggering these special events are usually the priority of the fishing crew. Catching a Spectral fish isn’t an automatic guarantee to a Spectral Current, but it’s made quite obvious as the captain will shout that it’s happening, and the environment itself becomes a beautiful assortment of colors and is accompanied by an aurora. Once the Spectral Current starts, there’s two minutes of rapid-fire fishing frenzy, which spawns fish that can only be found during this limited window, and nets participants a hefty amount of points.

Using sites like Lulu’s Tools, you can see the points awarded for each fish, the bait required to catch them, and approximately how long your line will need to be out to be able to snag it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll hook the exact fish that you want thanks to the element of luck embedded in the Ocean Fishing voyages. With a little bit of prep work, 5,000 points is fairly easy to achieve. Then you will be able to add The Major-General minion to your collection.