How to get the Puffin minion in Final Fantasy XIV

There’s no stuffin’ this puffin!

The Puffin wasn’t one of the teased minions in the Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live, but it’s still damned cute. You might think it’s a penguin, but not quite. It joins the large list of bird-related minions, including the Blue-footed Booby, Starbird, Gull, or Penguin Prince. And unlike the latter minion, you don’t have to play Lord of Verminion in order to get it.

This tiny bird is one of the easier small friends to acquire in Patch 6.4, assuming the Random Number God is on your side. It’s not attached to some weird side content, a very tough achievement, or PvP like some of the rarest minions in the game. All it takes to make the Puffin yours is a bit of effort, grit, and luck.

Where to find the Puffin minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Puffin minion is actually a drop from the latest high-end dungeon in FFXIV. Introduced in Patch 6.4, the Aetherfont gives you a chance to face off against aether-corrupted monsters. If you make it to the final boss of the dungeon and triumph, you’ll have a chance to pick up the Puffin minion from the last treasure coffer, alongside the Orchestrion roll and the all-new Distance gear. Hopefully, someone else doesn’t win the roll. You’ll have a number of chances to obtain the Puffin while you’re grinding for Allagan Tomestones of Comedy, however.

There are other minions to collect in the patch, including the Posher Otter or the Chimpanzee. Both will require access to the Island Sanctuary, so look up our guide for all of that content in Patch 6.4 as well.