How to Get the Last of Us Sparrow, Ship, and Ghost in Destiny 2

After Fortnite and Assassin’s Creed, Bungie is back with more crossovers for Destiny 2. This time around it’s from four different PlayStation games including Horizon: Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us, and God of War. The great news is this isn’t come kind of PlayStation exclusive promotion. These items are available on all platforms as part of Season of the Deep. While the Last of Us doesn’t have an armor set like the other three games, it does have a sparrow, ship, and ghost to unlock.

How to Get the Last of Us Items in Destiny 2

We have some bad news. According to Today in Destiny, these items Silver exclusive and will not be sold for Bright Dust. The entire bundle is available for 2,800 Bright Dust though you can also purchase the sparrow or ship individually for 1,000 Dust and the ghost for 800 dust. That means the first two are $10 each with the ghost somewhere around $8.

This whole PlayStation cross promotion has some community members unenthused. Traditionally each season has one Silver exclusive armor set and one set purchasable with Bright Dust. This is the first time where all of these big seasonal rewards are locked entirely behind Silver with no Bright Dust equivalent available.

Bungie has also updated the API so websites like Today in Destiny can no longer tell you when something will be on sale. They can now only show whether it will be available for Bright Dust or not. It’s unfortunate that you can no longer plan in advance, especially when you aren’t playing every single week, but at least you can still set aside your Bright Dust based on which items will be for sale.

Honestly, it’s just the latest in a series of changes which many view as unfriendly for players. In particular, the $2 price hike for season passes means players will now need to purchase a larger Silver bundle to be able to afford it. Personally, I yearn for the days where we got a Bright Engram, or even two during events, every time we leveled up.

What the Last of Us Items Look Like

Bungie has been kind enough to provide us with lots of screenshots showing off the Last of Us inspired items.



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