How to Get the Jade’s Burrow Emblem in Destiny 2

The Chinese New Year is January 22, and Destiny 2 is celebrating with a new emblem and some other cosmetics. While the cosmetics are paid items in the Eververse store, the emblem is free. If you’d like to get the Destiny 2 Jade’s Burrow emblem, here’s how.

Head to Bungie’s code redemption page. Here, you have to enter the code to unlock the Jade’s Burrow emblem. That code is: TNN-DKM-6LG. There are no requirements to redeem this code, so you can simply enter it whenever and it will be available for you in Destiny 2.

Note that emblems obtained through Bungie’s code redemption system do have one quirk. The emblem won’t show up in your inventory or at the postmaster. Instead, it will be in your Collections. You’ll have to pull a copy of it from there, then it will show up both in your inventory and in your recently-acquired items list.

Destiny 2 Jade's Burrow Emblem

That’s all there is to it! There are a few more Chinese New Year cosmetics available in Destiny 2, though these are paid items and only available on certain weeks. You can get the Lunar Lagomorph Ghost Shell, Moonshadow Hop ship, and Rabbit’s Chase Sparrow on weeks 7 and 11 of Season of the Seraph. These items will only be available for Silver.

What do you think of the emblem? Are you into the little nod to the Jade Rabbit Exotic? Let us know in the comments, and if you want to check out the rarest Destiny 2 emblems, we have a list of those for you to peruse.