How to get the Island Mandragora Queen, Tomato King and Garlic Jester mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

She's a queen and she knows it.

In Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 6.4 the new mounts are in abundance and some of them are easier to get than others. The new Island Mandragora Queen, Tomato King, and Garlic Jester are three of the easier, and cheaper ones to get, but it will require players to level up their Island Sanctuaries and gather enough Cowries to get it.

The three onion-looking mounts are the latest additions to the lineup of Mandragora mounts that players can get from the Island Sanctuaries. They’re typically all the same cost and are gained by raising your Island Sanctuary Rank. Each one costs 18,000 Seafarer’s Cowries to buy. Head to the mammet in the hideaway, and you’ll be able to exchange your Cowries for the new Mandragora Queen, Tomato King, and Garlic Jester mounts.

To get Seafearer’s Cowries, players can do a multitude of things around the island, but the best and fastest way to get them is to configure your Islework Handicrafts, which will earn Seafarer’s Cowries while you are off doing other things in the game.

a listing of items in exchange for cowries
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The Mandragora Queen features the typical onion look with pink tinged feet, red arms, and cute little eyelashes. The most striking feature on it is the little flower that sits atop its head. The Tomato King is a very red and angry looking little guy that has black arms and what looks to be fangs. The Garlic Jesters is a yellow color, reminiscent of what garlic looks like when peeled back, and as wide white eyes and a big X for a mouth.

It is unclear if this will be the last of the additions for the Mandragora line or if Square Enix will come up with another one ahead of the next expansion. There will still be another major patch before 7.0, which will come later this year, but as far as the spaghetti mounts go, the gang is all here.