How to Get the Festival of the Lost Pareidolia Emblem in Destiny 2

The Festival of the Lost is back in Destiny 2, bringing all manner of creepy cosmetics to Bungie’s looter shooter. One of these is a new emblem you can earn through Bungie Rewards. It’s called Pareidolia, and it’s a suitably colored and rather cute Halloween-themed item available for free to all players.

To earn the Pareidolia emblem during the Festival of the Lost 2022, you have to complete the Bookworm I challenge in the Event Card. To do so, you’ll need to unlock nine chapters in the Book of the Forgotten. That means getting Spectral Pages through playlist activities and public events, then converting them into Manifested Pages by playing the Haunted Lost Sector activity. Use your Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the Book of the Forgotten next to Eva Levante in the Tower, and you’ll be able to complete the challenge and get the emblem.

Pareidolia Emblem Destiny 2

Since this is a Bungie Rewards item, however, you have to complete a couple of extra steps to unlock the Pareidolia emblem in Destiny 2. First, go to Bungie’s Digital Rewards page and log in. Claim the emblem, then in Destiny 2 you’ll have to pull it from the General page of your Collections before it will actually show up in your inventory. Why certain emblems work this way but not others, I’m not sure. Maybe Bungie just wants to get people into the Bungie Rewards ecosystem?

Regardless, Pareidolia is a neat emblem — though personally, I prefer Lost at Sea, which you immediately unlock by completing the Bookworm I challenge. By the way, the term “pareidolia” refers to the tendency for human perception to see patterns in things  that aren’t strictly there. It’s what allows old-school text-based emoticons to register as faces conveying emotion, and is also responsible for the phenomenon of “the man in the moon.”