How to Get the Corgi Minion in FFXIV

Getting this adorable little companion is going to be an unreal task.

Of all the new things added in Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy XIV, there was one that had its own viral pop on social media. That was the Corgi minion, which appeared in a YouTube Short on the official FFXIV channel prior to the patch’s release. The brief video didn’t reach a million views or anything, but the community was very excited for the minion.

Now Patch 6.3 is here and fans are wondering exactly how to obtain their stubby little doggie. Unfortunately, I have to say this one is going to be an uphill battle for most. You can’t buy it for gil like the Magitek Avenger G1, or for MGP like Mama Automaton. Instead, you have to engage with one of the more hardcore aspects of the game.

Faux Hollows Vendor

How To Unlock the Corgi Minion in FFXIV

This tiny pupper is only available through a part of Final Fantasy XIV that most haven’t unlocked. If you talk to the Faux Commander in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 6.1), you can access the auspice’s storefront. There the Corgi minion appears in the “Others” tab for 400 Faux Leaves.

400 Leaves sounds easy doesn’t it? You’re probably thinking it’s something related to Hunts or Tribal Quests. Sorry to burst your bubble though. Instead, Faux Leaves are items obtained from completing the Faux Hollows mini-game. And the only way to take a shot at this mini-game is to complete Unreal Trials.

FFXIV Faux Hollows

How To Unlock Faux Hollows and Unreal Trials in FFXIV

If you want to unlock Faux Hollows, we have an entire guide on the process. You need to reach at least Level 80 on one combat Job, finish the Shadowbringers main scenario, and complete the “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs” quest in Idyllshire (X: 7.0, Y: 5.8). Then talk to the Painfully Ishgardian Man in Idyllshire (X: 6.9, Y: 5.9), who will give you the quest to unlock Unreal Trials.

When you’ve completed an Unreal Trial, you’ll get one chance to play Faux Hollows. This mini-game will reward winners with anywhere from 10 to 100 Faux Leaves. At maximum luck — which is rare — you can pick up the Corgi minion in 4 weeks. Your time will absolutely vary, but it’s still possible to get a Corgi in 2023, if you can complete the Unreal Trials themselves.