How to get the Chimpanzee minion in Final Fantasy XIV

It's so cute!

There were a plethora of new mounts and minions added in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 6.4, and players are looking to grab up as many as they can as fast as they can. One of the new additions, the Chimpanzee minion, is one that players are looking to get their hands on.

This cute little monkey is not the easiest to grab up. Players will need to consistently do the Unreal Trials in order to get Faux Leaves each week. Those who are lucky can earn up to around 200 Faux Leaves per week if they can find the hidden Fox in their mini-game, but others will need to consistently find the boxes and swords for their retellings and save up their Leaves. The Chimpanzee costs 400 Faux Leaves, which means Warriors of Light will likely need to spend several weeks doing their two Unreal Trial clears in order to save up for them.

Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The little guy is plenty worth it though, and its no surprise that it was added to the lineup of Faux Leaves minions, considering some of the cutest looking minions come from it, including the much-loved Corgi that released in Patch 6.3.

Alternatively, players can buy the Chimpanzee minion off of the market board, but it will cost a pretty penny for those who want to purchase it instead of earn it. Currently, on North American Data Centers, the little guy is going for about 10 million gil. The price will lower as time goes on, but if the Corgi is anything to go by, it will still be multiple millions of gil for the foreseeable future.