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How To Get the Arrhidaeus and Gobwalker Mounts in FFXIV

Brave the fearsome Alexander and secure these mounts!

The Alexander Raids from Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion set the groundwork for exactly what Raiding would be like in the game for years to come, and still have some great drops and rewards. Two of these are the Arrhidaeus and Gobwalker mounts, rewards for completing the Alexander Raids on the most difficult setting, Savage. Here’s our guide on unlocking both mounts.

How to Unlock the Gobwalker Mount in FFXIV

The Gobwalker Mount is a giant mechanical construct that is, unsurprisingly, the same as the walkers the goblins use in several parts of the Alexander Raids. To unlock the Gobwalker Mount, you must complete Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage) and have the Gobwalker Gear item drop. However, the Gobwalker Gear is a rare drop from the raid, so there’s no guarantee it’ll drop every time.

Can you Solo AS4, Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage)?

Interestingly, the ability to solo AS4 has changed during the Endwalker patch cycle. On the original 6.0 release, some of the announced stats-squish was applied incorrectly or didn’t take place. As a result, the Royal Pentacle mechanic didn’t do enough to kill level 90 characters with 520+ Item Level gear, so you could solo this fight unsynced. 

This was patched sometime around 6.1 or 6.2, and the ability to solo this fight became limited as the amount of burst damage needed to kill the final Leg became incredibly tight. It is still possible with perfect execution, usually with something with a good burst window, such as Black Mage, Samurai, or Red Mage. But clearing with an unsynced party is the best way for most players. Putting up a mount farm Party Finder and blaze through the fight unsynced is recommended.

How to Unlock the Arrhidaeus Mount in FFXIV

The Arrhidaeus Mount is a replica of a mob from the final Alexander Raid, The Soul of the Creator. Arrhidaeus (Who in history was the father of Alexander the Great) can be unlocked by completing The Soul of the Creator (Savage) and receiving the Arrhidaeus Master Key. Like all Raid mount drops, this doesn’t have a 100 percent drop rate, so you’ll likely have to do a few runs to get it.

Can you Solo AS12, Alexander - The Soul of the Creator (Savage)?

The short answer is yes! You can solo AS12, Alexander - The Soul of the Creator (Savage) unsynced with any level 90 job of any role. For best results, make sure your gear is at least Item Level 600+, and use a high DPS role (Samurai, Ninja), any Tank, or someone with a lot of healing (Red Mage, any Healer). DPS is quickest, but it’s doable with Tanks and Healers. The biggest thing will be to mitigate through Judgment Protocol and keep your health high with either potions or health-restoring abilities. With that said, if you’re not confident in soloing the duty on your own, putting up a Party Finder to farm for the Mount is more than acceptable!




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