How to Get Guardian Games Event Tickets in Destiny 2 (2023)

Destiny 2’s latest event is finally here and it’s all about class warfare. Guardian Games pits Warlocks vs. Hunters vs. Titans in a competition to prove which class is the best. This is done by earning medals, completing in class-focused Crucible matches, or battling out for the best score in strikes. There’s also new loot and cosmetics players can earn or purchase. Combining this is the Event Card, which rewards players with additional, exclusive cosmetics via event tickets. However, earning Guardian Games event tickets is going to take a bit of work and grinding on your end. Here’s how to get event tickets so you can purchase all the extra cosmetic goodies in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games:

How to Get Guardian Game Event Tickets

To get Guardian Game event tickets you need to first finish the opening quest that Eva gives you in the Tower. This will task you with earning a medal via completing either a match of Supremacy or a strike in the Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist. Upon earning your first medal, return to Eva and she will unlock your Guardian Games Event Challenges. For the unfamiliar, these are challenges tied specifically to this event and will earn you rewards from upgrade materials to a sparrow to event-specific weapons. However, the main reward for the vast majority of these challenges is event tickets. Completing a single challenge will earn you one event ticket, which you can cash in to get rewards if you upgraded your Guardian Games Event Card.

It costs 1,000 Silver to upgrade your event card, so make sure you actually like all the rewards before doing this. Once you’ve completed an event challenge, go to your Quest tab, select the Guardian Games section in the top right, and then turn in that challenge. Doing so will earn you an event ticket and any additional rewards tied to that challenge. You can still earn these tickets even if you don’t upgrade the Guardian Games Event Card, but they are functionally useless. However, this does mean you can see how many you can earn before deciding if it’s worth upgrading to spend them on the rewards.

Guardian Games Event Tickets

Speaking of, the Guardian Games Event Card rewards are:

  • Gridiron Shell – 7 Event Tickets
  • Darts emote – 5 Event Tickets
  • Colorful Motes respawn effect – 3 Event Tickets
  • Medal Collector projection – 1 Event Ticket

Additionally, you will earn an exotic Sparrow, emote, and exclusive shader for free when upgrading the event card. If you are going for the Guardian Games seal, you’ll naturally unlock all of the event tickets since these are tied to all the triumphs you need to complete. For those on the fence, I recommend waiting until the end of the event so you can see how many event tickets you have and what rewards you earn. Guardian Games is currently live in Destiny 2 and will conclude on May 23rd.