How to Find Scriptures and Grimoires in Darktide

Praise the Emperor, Warhammer 40k: Darktide is finally here, which means it’s time to purge the heretics of Chaos. Set in the hive city of  Tertium, Darktide casts players as a convict turned inquisitor tasked with clearing out the infestations of Chaos demons and their followers. Players can play as one of four unique classes, each of which has their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles within a squad. Along with simply trying to survive, you can complete side objectives for Sire Melk’s Requistorium such as locating scriptures and grimoires. However, locating these can be a bit confusing for new players so here’s how you go about locating scriptures and grimoires in Darktide:

Darktide Scripture

How to Find Scriptures in Darktide

To find Scriptures in Darktide, you will need to select a mission from the Mission Terminal that has the sub-quest “Recover Scriptures” underneath the main objective. You can tell which mission has side objectives because there will be a little gray diamond on the left side of the mission icon (shown above) when you’re looking at all the available quests. Which quest gets this objective appears to be random as it will only appear on a couple of available quests and constantly rotate as new missions cycle in. Additionally, Recover Scripture quests will only appear on Tier 2 difficulty quests or above.

Once you’re in a mission with this side objective, you will see a secondary quest in the top right corner of your screen. Scriptures are books hidden throughout a level, requiring players to locate and physically pick up these objects. Once you grab a scripture, it will take up your utility slot meaning you cannot hold a medipack or ammo crate. You can only hold one scripture at a time, meaning it will take three members of your team to carry every scripture in a level.

Darktide Scripture

Keep in mind, scriptures will rarely be on the main path. You’ll need to scour the level to find them, as they are often tucked away in corners of a level that you’d normally walk right by. When you’re close to a scripture the symbol of a hand will appear on your HUD, indicating that one is close. Now just approach it and pick up the book to add to your inventory. Alternatively, you can always ping the scripture so your teammates know where to find it. You can set the scripture down for items like ammo crates, but just make sure to pick it back up! Finally, if you die with a scripture it will be lost.

Darktide Grimoire

How to Find Grimoires in Darktide

To locate Grimoires you’ll go through largely the same steps as if you were hunting down scriptures. Look for a quest on the mission terminal that has “Sieze Grimoires” as a side objective. Once in a mission, players will need to hunt down two grimoires hidden throughout the level. Similar to scriptures, these will usually be off the main path so you’ll need to do some exploring. Thankfully, they are easier to locate as grimoires have a sickly green glow that lights up a small area around them. 

Where things differ is what happens when you pick one up. While it takes up inventory space just like scriptures, the grimoire will also give your squad a decent amount of corruption. This corruption cannot be cleansed at Med-Stations, so you will be stuck with it until either the mission is completed or you die with the grimoire. Picking up a second grimoire will add even more corruption, which can outright kill you if your health is low enough. Make sure your squad is capable and healed before trying to escape with two grimoires!