How to Earn Guardian Games Medallions in Destiny 2 (2023)

Destiny 2’slatest event is finally here and it’s all about class warfare. Guardian Games pits Warlocks vs. Hunters vs. Titans in a competition to prove which class is the best. This is done by earning medals, completing in class-focused Crucible matches, or battling out for the best score in strikes. There’s also new loot and cosmetics players can earn or purchase. The main rewards loop in Guardian Games revolves around earning medallions and turning them in at the podium. Doing so will net you rewards and make progress towards your class’ overall standing during this event. However, earning medallions is slightly different than it was the previous year. Here’s how to get medallions during this year’s Guardian Games in Destiny 2:

How to Get Medallions

To get medallions during Guardian Games you need to complete the event challenges, event quests, turn in Contender Cards, and finish activities while wearing a Guardian Games class item. Laurels no longer exist in this event, meaning your sole focus now will be earning medallions to turn in at the podium. Once you load into the Tower for the first time, speak to Eva and complete her opening quest. Doing so will unlock the Medallion Case which holds all your medals earned throughout this event. Keep in mind, there is a limit to how many you can have at any time of each medallion so make sure to turn them in frequently!

As for farming Medallions, your best method will be completing the Contender Cards that Eva hands out. There are several different types, each tied to a specific activity such as the Vanguard Ops playlist, Lost Sectors, Raids, Trials of Osiris, etc. Each of these cards costs a measly 1,000 Glimmer and you can only hold one PVE and PVP card at a time. Contender Cards offer Gold or Platinum medals, making them ideal for farming. Of them, I’ve found that the Lost Sector Contender Card is one of the best since most Legendary Lost Sectors can be finished in only a few minutes, making it easy to quickly finish these cards. Plus you will get a platinum medal for completing this Contender Card, which makes it way more efficient than many of the other cards.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you always have your Guardian Games class item equipped. Having this on will ensure that any activity you do complete will give you a medal., The rarity of the medal will depend on the activity itself, but it’s a nice passive way to earn more of this event item and ensure that you’re completing some of the more grindy challenges for the Event Card. Finally, if you really want to cheese your way into earning some easy medallions, Youtuber Tasso discovered that snagging a raid Contender Card and loading into Shuro Chi is one of the fastest methods. This is because the card just cares about enemies slain, meaning you can blast through the hordes of enemies in this encounter and complete the card quickly.

You will have until May 23 to earn as many Guardian Games medallions as possible and claim all the new rewards.