How to Dive and Jump in MLB The Show 21

Don't go missing that catch now.

If you’re playing a game mode like Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21, there aren’t exactly a ton of chances to practice. You’re only playing one character after all. That doesn’t leave you with a ton of room for mistakes and learning experiences. In your first few games you may find yourself wondering how to dive for a ball that’s almost within reach or jump for something that’s about to go over your head. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do both and what settings you can alter to make it much easier.

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How to Dive and Jump in MLB The Show 21

For those of you playing game modes where you control the entire team, you probably already know this. For those who don’t, diving is incredibly simple in MLB The Show 21. As you’re running towards the ball, simply push the right trigger in. (That’s R2 on a PlayStation controller). After doing so, your character will dive in whatever direction you’re running.

To jump, you simply need to hit the right bumper (R1). Doing so will cause your character to jump into the air, keeping whatever directional momentum they had as you do so.

Don’t get the two mixed up unless you want to look like a goofy mess as the ball goes hurtling past you.

Settings to Alter for Easier Clutch Catches

If you go into your gameplay settings and navigate the tabs over to fielding, there’s an option in here which can make your life much easier. If you have difficulty with keeping track of which button does what, enable One Button Dive/Jump. With this enabled, the game will automatically decide which of the two is appropriate based on the current situation. That way, all you need to do is focus on your positioning.

It’s worth noting that unless you’re playing on competitive, anyone in the infield will automatically dive or jump as needed. You can turn this off, of course, but the developers have it on by default. Likely in an attempt to make an incredibly difficult situation easier. It’s hard enough reacting in time, let alone worrying about jumping or diving on top of positioning. So if you’ve been unable to figure out why you can’t get your character to jump or dive while they’re in the infield, this is likely the culprit. Turn it off if you want a more accurate experience.

We recommend playing around with various settings and giving them a shot in the new practice mode. Just swap over to real offense and defense rather than hitting and pitching. This way there’s a chance for you to practice fielding and base running. MLB The Show gives you an incredible amount of control over difficulty and preferences and you can adjust them on the fly as you please. Finding the right combination may take some time and effort, but it’s certainly worth nailing so you can thoroughly enjoy your experience.