How to Destroy Ancient Cars: RimWorld Vehicle Removal Guide

Here's how to get rid of Ancient Cars in RimWorld, whether it's with your bare hands or an assault rifle.

Destroy Ancient Cars in RimWorld to free up some space for your colony! It sounds easy, right? For whatever reason, though, the game doesn’t make this simple action very… simple. Then again, RimWorld doesn’t explain a lot of things. That’s what guides are for! Let’s take a very brief look at how to clean up Ancient Cars in RimWorld (and other, similar ancient debris while we’re at it).

The solution to destroy Ancient Cars is actually “hidden” on the item description itself. Click on either an Ancient Car or Ancient Pod Car (despite the name they’re basically identical to one another, except for size and cosmetic differences). The text box at the bottom-left of the screen will show the object’s health and a simple message that reads “Attack this to destroy it.”

The reason this is so strange is that, in RimWorld, Ancient Cars aren’t enemies. Nor are they resources. They’re technically classified as something in between: a non-hostile target that you need to blow up manually. Destroying an Ancient Car then comes with a chance to produce a normal resource in the form of a Steel Slag Chunk. Possibly more than one! These can further be melted down into steel for your own use.

The biggest benefit, however, is all that extra space. Destroying an Ancient Car will free up 6-8 tiles of land. You can then use that extra space to grow crops, pen up animals, expand your buildings, and more. Whatever you want, really.

If you need a refresher on how to attack things, by the way, just draft a colonist (or Pawn as the official name for your characters may be). Select a unit and choose the “Draft” command. This is found right next to the colonist’s description window on the bottom-left of the screen. Or you can press the “R” key on a keyboard.

Drafting a colonist allows you to control them more directly. By default, anyone who is drafted will automatically attack hostile threats that get too close to your home. That doesn’t work in this case. You need to select the drafted unit and then order them to either perform a melee attack or use a ranged weapon on the Ancient Car. These options are located right next to the Draft button (which becomes the “Undraft” button when a Pawn is already under your control).

Your colonist will then proceed to slowly dismantle the vehicle. It may take some time — depending on the type of weapon they’re using. It’s worth noting, however, that even an unarmed Pawn can simply beat a car to scrap with their bare hands. Which is an extremely funny concept if you ask me.

Each attack will reduce the car’s HP bar as if it were a living thing, until finally it breaks. At that point you’re done! Unless you want to pick up the Steel Slag Chunks, of course. Just select these and choose the “Haul Things” command to make your characters bring it back to a stockpile. This frees up even more space while producing some resources for your trouble.

On another minor note, Steel Slag Chunks come with a -8 beauty debuff, so you might not want to leave them where they drop anyway, depending on their location.

That’s all there is to it! You now know how to remove Ancient Cars in RimWorld. Best of luck sprucing up your base or just building up that surplus of steel.