How to Craft Last Wish Weapons in Destiny 2

With the release of Season of the Deep, Bungie has officially added weapon crafting to the Last Wish raid. If you haven’t already spent some amount of time farming god rolls during the last five years of Destiny 2, now you can finally start to earn pattern progress. The system isn’t 100 percent identical to your typical Deepsight farming experience, however. Thankfully you don’t have to entirely rely on random drops to progress, instead you can earn guaranteed progress each week.

How to Craft Last Wish Weapons in Destiny 2

If you want to unlock weapon crafting for the Last Wish weapons, you first need to visit Hawthorne in the Tower. There you can acquire a pursuit asking you to complete every Last Wish raid encounter. Doing so will reward you with guaranteed Last Wish pattern progress. It is not clear as to whether that means Deepsight weapon drops or automatic progress simply from completing the pursuit.

It does appear to have protection from giving you pattern progress towards a weapon you’ve already completed, though Bungie has not explicitly confirmed this.

For those who want to progress even faster, make sure to visit Hawthorne after clearing the pursuit before the weekly reset. She has a new vendor exchange where you can give her Spoils of Conquest to purchase a single Deepsight weapon from her for that week. Keep in mind that she will only sell weapons that you’ve previously obtained.

Deepsight Harmonizers

Another new addition from Season of the Deep are the new Deepsight Harmonizers which allows you to convert a weapon (which has never had Deepsight before) into a Deepsight weapon. In short, if you get a regular Transfiguration to drop and you want to speed up your progress, you can use a Harmonizer to give it Deepsight and extract that for pattern progress.

These harmonizers are rare, however, and only a limited number are available from the Season Pass, so you will need to make some decisions regarding which weapon patterns to prioritize.