How to Beat the Taskmaster Challenges in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Midway through Marvel’s Spider-Man you’ll meet the master tactician himself: Taskmaster. For those who don’t know who he is, Taskmaster is a Marvel villain with  the ability to perfectly copy the fighting styles of his opponents. Once you meet, he introduces Spidey to challenges set up around the city.

These challenges come in four varieties: combat, stealth, bomb, and drone challenges. All four are timed. The faster you complete the challenges, the higher your score. The score gives a bronze, silver, or gold rating. Earn the gold rating for three challenge tokens that can be spent on suits and gadgets.

Marvel’s Spider-Man isn’t a very challenging game, but the Taskmaster challenges certainly spike the difficulty — especially if you’re going to for the gold. Our best advice is to tackle these late in the game when you have your skill tree significantly filled up. There are a few skills to unlock that make these challenges much easier and save a ton of stress.

Skills to have before embarking on the challenges (1:00):

  • Quick Zip
  • Chain Finisher
  • Payback
  • Quick Recovery
  • Long Strike
  • Point Launch Boost

Drone Challenges (1:16)

The Drone Challenges are by far the most difficult to ace compared to the other three. A drone will weave its way between buildings, above roofs, and under overpasses. As fun as web swinging is in Marvel’s Spider-Man, it’s not always the most precise activity, especially if you’re trying to go as fast as possible.

The goal is to stay close to the drone while flying through glowing blue spheres that it occasionally drops. In order to achieve a gold rating, you need to hit every one of these spheres and never lose sight of the drone.

Prepare to fail. You’ll lose a lot as you study the drone’s flight path. If you fail, select “restart from checkpoint” from the options menu to restart the challenge. These drone challenges are going to test your swinging skills, so you’re going to have to use every trick that Spider-Man knows.

While the Quick Zip is a useful skill for staying close to the drone, you’ll want to rely on the Point Launch Boost much more often. The drone typically drops spheres on top of points. Pull both triggers to hone in on that point and press X just before you land to boost off of the point at high speed. Successfully performing the Point Launch Boost shaves precious seconds off your time.

You’re also going to want to use the Wall Corner ability. When running along the side of a building, press and hold circle as you approach a corner. This will slingshot you around the corner of the building. Getting around corners quickly while swinging can be difficult. This is the easiest and fastest way to do it.

You don’t always have to stay on the drone’s tail. If you can find a shortcut that takes you slightly ahead of the drone, definitely take it. If a drone goes all the way around a building, for instance, you might be able to swing over it much faster, instead.

Practicing these challenges over and over is the best way to get through them. Try not to attempt them, quit, and come back later. You’ll likely forget what you learned.

Stealth Challenges (3:08)

These are by far the easiest of the four challenges if you go about them the right way. The objective is simple: eliminate all enemies in an area as quickly as possible without being detected. If you’re spotted, you’ll fail and you need to start the challenge over.

Stealth combat always features two attacks: web strikes and perch attacks. While the perch attack seems like the safer bet, these animations take longer to perform. Web strikes are faster and just as silent. You’ll want to web strike every enemy you can in these challenges to get the best time.

The Stealth Challenges usually take a couple tries as you learn where each enemy is hiding and which you can take out without being seen. Just be sure to only attack enemies who have the “safe” icon above their heads. That means they can be safely eliminated without anyone else spotting you.

Combat Challenges (4:15)

Like the name suggests, Combat Challenges make you take on hordes of enemies. You have to knock out all of them as quickly as possible.

Only accept these challenges if you have three Focus meters at your disposal. Use the Chain Finisher as often as possible. Be sure you have the Advanced Suit’s ability that generates Focus. This allows you to instantly Chain Finish at least six enemies with a full Focus Bar.

Large enemies cannot be Chain Finished, so you need to get a little creative with your gadgets. The Impact Web is the fastest way to take them out. If you nail them with it while they’re close to the wall, they’re instantly incapacitated.

Bomb Challenges (5:06)

Bomb Challenges are just easier versions of the Drone Challenges. Waypoints show the location of three or four bombs. You have to reach each of them as fast as possible. Web throw them L1 and R1 and blast it with web shots with R2.

Like the Drone Challenges, the Point Launch Boost is your best friend here. It’s much faster than the Web Zip and will get you where you’re going more efficiently. Take note of the distance markers and be sure to hit the closer bombs first.Then work your way toward the farther ones. You’ll need to get in a nice rhythm of swinging and Point Launch Boosting.

It’s easy to get discouraged when taking on these challenges — especially the Drone variety. Learn from your  failed runs and stick with it until you earn the gold.