How to Beat the Synchronicity Challenge in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has finally been released and there’s a ton of new content for players to sink their teeth into. Along with a new story, exotics, loot, endgame content, and a build crafting system, Lightfall also introduces our second Darkness subclass, Strand. Of course, one of the biggest draws is the new raid, Root of Nightmares. On the Witness’ pyramid ship, players will battle through hordes of Cabal enemies to face off against formerly imprisoned, Nezarec. Like previous raids, Root of Nightmares has challenges that players will need to complete if they want to unlock the Dream Warrior title. Here’s how to beat the fourth challenge, Synchronicity during Root of Nightmares’ Nezarec boss fight in Destiny 2.

Synchronicity Challenge Guide – Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

To complete the Synchronicity challenge in Destiny 2 you’ll need to shoot both Light and Dark nodes within 5 seconds of one another. This means that both your Light runner and Dark runner will need to call out when they are going to shoot their respective node to ensure they are activated at the same time. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first node or the very last one, always wait until both sides are ready before you shoot your node.

I like giving a 2-3 second countdown before firing, that way there’s rarely a misunderstanding of when I am shooting the node. Since this requires constant communication and timing, it’s much easier if you only have one person on each side shooting the nodes and the other four fireteam members dealing with enemies and Nezarec.

Destiny 2 Synchronicity Challenge

Obviously, this will take a bit of time, so because of this, you’ll need to either move very quickly or make use of Nezarec’s safe room mechanic. The latter is the best option, as it will ensure you have more than enough time to shoot every node at the same time. To survive Nezarec’s wipe, shoot the glowing spots on his shoulders to reveal either a burst of Darkness or Light energy from his wings. When you see this, make the call out to your runners so they know which buff needs to be brought to the adjacent side.

So if Nezarec emits a Darkness energy, someone with Field of Light needs to go to a completed Darkness orb and wait for their teammates to reach it. Now shoot the Darkness orb while you have the Field of Light buff to get the Sheltered buff. This will allow you to survive Nezarec’s wipe attack and continue with the encounter.

Keep in mind, if you don’t one phase Nezarec you’ll need to repeat the same process above. Every pair of nodes, regardless of what phase you’re on, must be shot within 5 seconds of one another. After you kill Nezarec you should complete the Synchronicity challenge in Destiny 2’s newest raid! Remember to turn this triumph in so that next time you have a greater chance of getting the new Conditional Finality exotic shotgun to drop.