How to Beat The Grass is Always Greener Challenge in Destiny 2

Avast Guardians, Season of Plunder is here! This space pirate-themed Destiny 2 season is all about crossing blades with Fallen House of Salvation, hunting for buried treasure, and working with everyone’s favorite scoundrel, the Drifter. Of course, there is a bunch of new loot to chase and activities to complete. Of course, the biggest piece of content added into the game is the reprised raid from the original Destiny, King’s Fall. Unless you claimed the Day One emblem, you will need to rerun this raid to finish all the challenges. One of these challenges is The Grass is Always Greener which is tied to the Totems encounter. Here’s how to complete this challenge and earn yourself some extra loot:

How to Beat The Grass is Always Greener

To complete the Grass is Always Greener challenge, you cannot collect the Brand of the Weaver or the Brand of the Unraveler twice in a row. This means you will need to constantly swap sides after you deposit your Deathsinger’s Power stacks in the middle totem. While this sounds complicated, it’s actually remarkably easy. When the encounter starts, grab whichever brand and run down to the plate. Now kill enemies like you normally would until one of your teammates comes to claim your brand and take your spot.

Once this happens, return to the middle plate and stand on it until all your Deathsinger’s Power has been deposited. Upon depositing your stacks, go kill the Taken Knight that spawns on the opposite side of where you initially started. So if you stood on the left plate, you would go to the middle, and then kill the Taken Knight that spawns on the right instead of the left. After you kill the Taken Knight, go down to that side’s plate and steal the brand from whoever is on the plate. You will then repeat the same process above, crisscrossing to the opposite side every time you are finished depositing stacks of Deathsinger’s Power.

Destiny 2 King's Fall

Remember, anyone who picks up a brand cannot grab the same one twice in a row. It may take a few tries to get this new rhythm down, but it’s actually quite easy. The biggest challenge is doing this on Master difficulty, which sees two additional Unstoppable Ogres spawn (one in each lower area) throughout the encounter. Enemies will also hit far harder, making the Hive Knights exceptionally dangerous to deal with. Because of this, you will want to ensure you have both survivability and burst damage. Gjallarhorn, Xenophage, and Izanagi’s Burden are terrific for this encounter since they can swiftly kill the nights and deal a lot of damage to the Champions. I prefer Xenophage since it has a decent amount of ammo and is very easy to use.

You will also want 100 Resilience, as this will give you a better chance at not being utterly slaughtered by enemies rushing towards you. The Grass of Always Greener challenge is currently live, but will not return for another five weeks so make sure to do it now!