How to Beat Glumstone the Giant – Cuphead DLC Gnome Way Out Guide

Fee-fi-fo-fuck him up, here's how to defeat Glumstone the Giant in Cuphead's Gnome Way Out

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has officially released, so it’s time to dive back into this exceptionally difficult run and gun action game. Embracing the art of the 1930s, Cuphead originally told the story of two brothers who made a deal with a devil. Released back in 2017, the highly anticipated DLC (aptly named Delicious Last Course) has finally dropped and it’s even trickier than the base game. This time around, you are tasked with gathering ingredients to make a pastry so good it will bring Ms. Chalice back from the astral plane.

Unsurprisingly, there are a bunch of new bosses for you to wallop. One of the earliest you’ll face is Glumstone the Giant who can be found in the Gnome Way Out mission. Broken up across three phases, this boss may seem intimidating but he’s actually pretty simple once you understand his attack patterns. So if you’re struggling to take down this frosty foe, here’s how to beat Glumstone the Giant:

How to Beat Glumstone the Giant


  • Character: Cuphead
  • Shot-A: Spread
  • Shot-B: Crackshot
  • Super: Super Art I
  • Charm: Heart Ring

Phase One


  • Toxic Clouds: Glumstone will occasionally open his mouth and unleash several cloud projectiles that travel horizontally across the screen. Some of these can be parried, otherwise, you can easily weave around them.
  • Geese Crossing: When Glumstone holds up a “Geese Xing” sign, a wave of geese will cover the top half of the screen. To dodge this, either go to one of the lower platforms and crouch or run along the bottom of the screen.
  • Cat Attack: Sometimes Glumstone will bring a cat that sweeps from the left side of the screen to the right. The last two platforms on the right will keep you safe from this move.
  • Various Gnomes: While you’re fighting Glumstone, you’ll need to contest with various gnomes. One will try to occupy a pillar and smash anyone on it with a hammer, another will spawn on the floor and fire small projectiles at you, and the last will spring up on the ground if you stand there too long.

Phase one is all about managing the various gnomes that spawn because they will give you the most trouble. Most of Glumstone’s attacks have obvious tells or can be easily dodged. This leaves the gnomes, which will spawn throughout this phase to harass you during the battle. I recommend using Crackshot here, as the ricochet rounds will easily take out any of the gnomes that spawn. Just hold down the fire button even if you’re not shooting at Glumstone, to ensure you keep your screen free of these annoying enemies.

You’ll also want to parry any of the pink toxic clouds he launches toward you. With the Heart Ring charm you can easily gain some extra health with minimal risk, or just build up your super meter. Of the three core attacks, the best one to punish is when Glumstone drags the cat across the left side of the screen. It’s slow, predictable, and leaves him open to some easy damage for a few seconds. This phase ends when Glumstone starts tearing his beard out.

Phase Two


  • Beanbag Toss: Glumstone will now use two sock puppets on either side of the screen to bounce a beanbag across the arena. It’s four seconds between throws and will only bounce once on the ground before reaching the other side. The trajectory of the beanbag depends on where the puppet is holding it. If he’s lower to the floor, then the beanbag will bounce close; while holding it high ensures the beanbag hits either near the middle or by the other puppet.
  • Flying Gnomes: The only other attack in this phase are the various gnomes that crawl under the ground and pop out. You can tell where a gnome is launching from by the bump in the ground, and some of these gnomes can be parried. Gnomes can also be killed once they launch their attack.

When phase two starts, swap to your Spread shot and start laying into either the right or left sock puppet. You will want to either mentally or audibly count to four every time one of the puppets catches the beanbag. This will let you keep track of when this projectile is launching, making it much easier to avoid. Additionally, it’s important to keep moving between the two puppets as a gnome will always try to spawn underneath you. Don’t ever stand in the same place for more than a couple of seconds unless you want to be smacked by these little fellas.

Spread does big damage to the puppets since they have huge hitboxes and are relatively easy to get close to. Just keep an eye on where the puppet is positioned when holding the beanbag. If it’s low to the ground, run to the other puppet, and if it’s holding it higher you’ll want to stay around the one throwing the beanbag. Keep this up until Glumstone throws away the puppets and literally swallows Cuphead whole.


Phase Three


  • Drumstick: Acting as a slow-moving projectile, this will fall from the top of the screen towards one of the five skeleton platforms. It’s impossible to stop and once it hits a platform, that skull will be unavailable to stand on for a few seconds.
  • Flying Bone: Similar to the Drumstick, this is a slow-moving projectile that falls from the top of the screen. When it hits one of the five skeleton platforms, the mouth will open and pink tentacles will lash out. You’ll need to parry those tentacles to return the platform to normal. You cannot destroy the bone mid-flight.
  • Darts: Finally, slow-moving darts will launch in a horizontal line across the screen. They are easy to dodge but can be tricky when managing the various platforms you need to stand on. Sometimes a pink one will launch, which can be easily parried.

There is a decent amount of luck involved with phase three. You will spend a lot of your time managing and jumping among the various skeleton platforms to avoid Glumstone’s stomach acid. Unsurprisingly, his weak point is the moving ball of flesh (ew) with his face on it. Both Spread and Crackshot are good for this, but I prefer Crackshot since the ricochet rounds will home to Glumstone. This makes it easier to shoot and move since you’ll be trying to micromanage the different platforms that either vanish or need to be parried.

If you have a Super, make sure to do it either on the right or left side of the screen. This will ensure you always hit Glumstone regardless of where this enemy is moving. Patience is key here, as you don’t want to just focus on damaging Glumstone and run out of places to stand! Instead, always prioritize parrying any platforms that get hit with a bone to ensure you can keep moving. With a bit of luck and some fancy footwork, you can put this giant down for good and collect the ingredient!