How to Beat A Dish to Die For – Cuphead DLC Chef Saltbaker Guide

Serving up Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead's A Dish to Die For

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has officially released, so it’s time to dive back into this exceptionally difficult run and gun action game. Embracing the art of the 1930s, Cuphead originally told the story of two brothers who made a deal with a devil. Released back in 2017, the highly anticipated DLC (aptly named Delicious Last Course) has finally dropped and it’s even trickier than the base game. This time around, you are tasked with gathering ingredients to make a pastry so good it will bring Ms. Chalice back from the astral plane.

This is it, the final boss in The Delicious Last Course. Chef Saltbaker is an odd fight, as his phases get easier as the battle progresses. With that said, he’s not a pushover, and will absolutely give you a run for your money if you’re not paying attention. Here’s a breakdown of each phase and a few tips for beating the A Dish to Die For level:

How to Beat A Dish to Die For


  • Character: Cuphead
  • Shot-A: (Player Choice)
  • Shot-B: Crackshot
  • Super: Super I or Super II
  • Charm: Heart Ring

Cuphead A Dish to Die For

Phase One

  • Ice Cubes: Chef Saltbaker will launch ice cubes across the screen that move in a wave pattern. Occasionally, one of these cubes can be parried if it’s pink.
  • Lime Slices: Sometimes, Chef Saltbaker fires a volley of lime wedges that slowly move from one side of the arena to the other before going back in the other direction. If they start high on the screen the wedges will then move lower upon their return or vice versa.
  • Flying Strawberries: This attack revolves around a bunch of strawberries launching diagonally down at the screen towards the player.
  • Cookie Cutouts: The only destructible projectile, the chef will sometimes release a few cookies that bounce across the screen. These can be killed after being shot a couple of times.
  • Bouncing Fireball: Throughout this fight, a little fireball will bounce from the top of the screen to the bottom where you’re standing. When it goes to the ceiling, the fireball will hold for a couple of seconds before launching back down.

God, I hate this phase. Individually, all of these attacks are pretty easy to deal with and wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Things get tricky in the overlap, meaning you’ll need to deal with multiple attacks at once. It’s very difficult to not get hit at least once here, as there is a constant barrage of projectiles coming at all speeds and directions. Did I mention there’s a damn fireball always trying to body slam into you?

The biggest trick with this phase is to try and get it done as soon as possible. I recommend using Crackshot since the ricochet rounds will launch towards the boss, allowing you to focus on dodging. Additionally, use your Super meter anytime you have a card available. This lets you do more damage quickly, hopefully pushing him into his second phase. If you’re on Cuphead, you’ll want to parry the ice cubes to gain additional lives. Just be careful not to throw yourself into harm’s way. Also keep an eye on what the chef is preparing in the background, as this will give you a hint as to what attack is coming up next.

Finally, you can still take damage from any of the projectiles during the transition between phases until you’re trapped in Chef Saltbaker’s hands!

Cuphead A Dish to Die For

Phase Two

  • Pepper Barrage: The four pepper shakers will fire slow-moving projectiles at your location. Sometimes, these projectiles can be parried.
  • Falling Leaves: Don’t mistake these for platforms, these slow falling leaves deal damage. They will always drop from the top of the screen in groups of four, which makes them pretty predictable.
  • Bouncing Fireball: Oh great, the fireball decided to stay. This attack won’t change between phases, so just be ready to dodge it when it comes swooping down at you.

Thankfully, the phases will get progressively easier from here. In this part, you’ll need to damage the four pepper shakers in each corner of the screen. Hurting them enough will cause them to launch toward the boss. You will need to fire around ten pepper shakers to push Chef Saltbaker to the third phase. I love Crackshot or Chaser for this phase. Both of these track towards the pepper shakers, which already have a fairly low amount of health. This means you can easily launch them at the boss over and over again without needing to aim.

As for the projectiles, you can duck any of the ones fired from the lower two pepper shakers. Since these move at a slow pace, it’s pretty simple to just run out of the way or jump over them. Your biggest problem is the fireball, which has the special skill of swooping down when you’re trying to dodge other attacks. I really don’t recommend using your Super in this phase, as the pepper shakers are already weak and you’ll want to save it for phase three or four.

Cuphead A Dish to Die For

Phase Three

  • Sawblade: A slow-moving sawblade will go horizontally across the bottom of the screen throughout the entire phase.
  • Dancing Saltbakers: The other attack in this phase sees two conjoined Chef Saltbakers bouncing around the screen in an attempt to crush you.

Chef Saltbaker’s third phase is remarkably easy. When you arrive, wait for the chef to launch from the background before you start moving. He’ll aim for your last location, so you’ll need to be ready to dodge. From here, it’s just a matter of dashing under his bounces and making sure to not get hit by the saw blade. There are no additional projectiles or attacks, so you can solely focus on avoiding the sawblade and bouncing enemy. Any weapon works here, but I stuck with Crackshot since it still does ludicrous damage and tracks to enemies.

Keep in mind, that when you transition from phase three to four, you’ll want to stand in the middle of the screen and be ready to jump onto the falling glass.

Phase Four

  • Heart Attack: Chef Saltbaker’s heart will try to ram into you as it flies around the arena.
  • Gravity: Just don’t fall off the platforms or you’ll take damage.

Phase four is also quite simple if you are good at platforming. All you need to do is not fall to your death and dodge the heart floating around the arena. This can be a little difficult at times since the heart moves unpredictably, which can lead to some awkward moments where you’ll take damage regardless. So long as you keep an eye on the falling platforms, you shouldn’t struggle too much. Remember, the heart can also be parried since it’s pink! This can be a good way to avoid taking damage or reach a higher shard of glass.

Any weapon is good for this, but I used Spread since you’ll often be very close to the boss while it’s flying around. After you damage the heart enough the phase will end and you will have beaten Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course!