Honkai: Star Rail Beta Guide – Sign Up Dates, Next Beta Window

MiHoYo, the company behind Genshin Impact, has officially announced a new game — Honkai: Star Rail. Seemingly a sequel to their smash hit Honkai: 3rd Impact, Star Rail is set to show off what a company that makes that Genshin Impact money can do. Well, other than make asinine tweets catering to someone who is allegedly both a child slave labor apologist and builds self-destructing electric murder machines, that is.

Star Rail is set to be a little different from the Bayonetta-style brawler that is 3rd Impact. Early gameplay screenshot leaks, which have since been deleted off of Twitter, showcased an open-world turn-based RPG, not unlike your Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests. This marks a departure from the fast and frenetic gameplay of previous Impacts. As always, however, information about a game in development is subject to change.

Honkai: Star Rail Beta Info

The Star Rail beta registration closed as of this morning, according to a Hoyolab forum post. Previously, the signup page left the end date for registration as vague, so the rapid closure might indicate a swell of registrants and interest. Entrants will be chosen via lottery, and only if you registered with your MiHoYo account.

Their signup process gathered information on registrants — for example, which mobile games have you played recently and for how long, have you spent money on these games and if so, how much, and so forth. Answering these questions was necessary to register, and it was definitely a little strange telling a gacha game company about my personal spending habits.

It is currently unknown if this beta will be under an NDA, however. On their requirements page, they state “To protect every Trailblazer’s interests, please do not share, sell, or give away your beta account, installation pack, eligibility, and any other related information to third parties under any form.” so don’t plan on selling your beta entry. Furthermore, this is a closed beta with plans to wipe account data — do not expect to retain any progress once the full game launches.

Device Compatibility 

Star Rail’s beta will not be runnable on every platform. When registered for the lottery, one of the questions posed is what device will you play the beta on — and they also listed device specifications on an official forum post:


Recommended Specifications

  • iOS 12 or later
  • iPhone: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or better
  • iPad: iPad with Apple A12 processor or better
  • October 2018 model or later


Recommended Specifications

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Discrete Graphics Card
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or better

Furthermore, they recommend having at least 10GB of available storage space, so it may be time to uninstall all those gachas I haven’t played in months.

Honkai: Star Rail currently has no launch date or estimated window. This beta is the first of potentially many, and so it’s reasonable to assume Star Rail will not be available to the masses for quite some time. It will be available on iOS and PC, but it’s safe to assume it will eventually make its way to PS5 and Android eventually.