Hitman 2 Walkthrough – Miami Silent Assassin, Suit Only on Master Difficulty Guide

Hitman 2 has just launched. So it’s time to step back into the big, bald shoes of everyone’s favorite assassin, Agent 47. This guide will cover how to unlock the hardest challenge on the Miami level – Silent Assassin, Suit Only on Master Difficulty. Before diving into this mammoth task, I recommend playing through the mission a few times yourself. Try out the Mission Stories and get to know the level. But, if you’re ready for the big leagues, step right this way.

For this challenge we have to assassinate both targets without killing any non-targets, being spotted at any point, or getting recorded on security cameras (although you can delete the tapes if you do get caught). All of this must be done while wearing our starting suit. It’s a tall order, but Agent 47 is the best in the business. Let’s get to it.

The equipment you need to take with you is fairly bare bones: the ICA19 silenced pistol, a lockpick, and some coins. You should begin in the default starting location: the Event Entrance. Choose whichever suit you like best and get used to it. We can’t use disguises for this run.

Once you spawn in, turn left and head down through the underpass. You’ll pass a street musician and get recorded by a security camera. Don’t worry, because we’re going to erase the tapes. When you emerge from the underpass, turn right. You should see the parking garage entrance. Head down the tunnel and into the garage.

At the far end of the garage you’ll see a man dressed in a flamingo mascot outfit. You’ll recognize him from the Pretty in Pink mission story if you already completed it. We’ll use the events of that story to our advantage, but with a twist.

Listen to the flamingo’s phone call to discover he’s meeting Sierra Knox to blackmail her. To hide his identify from Miss Knox, he’s knocked out a mascot and stolen their outfit, but lost his car keys in the scuffle.

Just down the corridor, you’ll see a naked man (the real mascot) attended by a medic. Head over to the man and to find some keys on the ground. Pick them up and return them to the flamingo. He’ll thank you, calling you a life-saver. Which is fairly ironic. For now, head down the corridor to the east (marked “Stands Section 001-168”) and unlock the door at the end.

At the end of this next corridor, turn left and head up the stairs. Straight ahead, in the distance, you should see a collection of port-a-potties. Walk to this area and enter the door on your right. Congratulations! You’re now trespassing. Unlock the other door in this room and head outside.

It’s time to start crouching. Turn right, out of the door, and roadie run west. There’s a waiter having a smoke break to your right, but he shouldn’t see you. Just keep running, past the forklift and over the red carpet, to the staircase. It seems like a busy area where you should get spotted. But you’ll be fine if you move quickly and quietly.

When you reach the staircase, move up about halfway and use your instinct vision (R1 on PS4, right bumper on Xbox)  to spot the guard at the top of the stairs, just to the right. He’ll walk off down the corridor in a second. When he does, you’re going to have to be quick for these next few steps. Shoot the security camera at the top of the stairs with your silenced pistol and then wait at the top of the stairs.

There may be someone approaching you as the guard walks away, but they should turn off and enter the nearby toilets. Once the coast is clear, enter the security room (first door on your left) and then quickly dart into the supply room on the left-hand side.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner in the supply room. Then grab the fire extinguisher and hide yourself in the locker. One of the guards will enter the room to turn off the vacuum. Knock him out. Now, silently deal with the other guard and look for the security camera station on the north side of the room. It looks like a large, black stack of electronics and highlights under instinct. Destroy the evidence and grab yourself a can of soda while you’re here.

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin

Head back into the supply room, climb out of the window, and slide down the drainpipe. It’s time for a quick detour. Turn left and head towards the furthest door marked “Medical Personnel Only.” Here, grab the Lethal Poison Pill Jar on your left and then go back the way you came.

Now, move southwest and sneak to the Hotel marked on your map. Make sure you’re not spotted. There’s a van behind some crates in the alleyway around the back. Take cover behind said crates.

Now we have to wait for an eternity. Diana will inform you when the race has ended. Sierra will be coming off the track. Eventually, she’ll come to this alleyway for a meeting with our flamingo friend from earlier. Although she turns up with a bunch of guards. When the first guard reaches his post, toss a coin at the van. He’ll come to investigate.

Now fastball that soda can at his head. He should drop without alerting anyone else. Wait for the meeting to play out; Sierra will dispose of our unfortunate bird man, at which point we can eliminate her with a quick silenced pistol headshot. Hide both Sierra and the guard’s bodies in a nearby dumpster.

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin

This is a good time to save. You only get one save per mission on Master difficulty. So do it after the first target is down. Now we have to backtrack. Like a lot. Like all the way back to the parking garage. Go back the exact way you came in: up the drainpipe, through the security room, down the stairs, across the red carpet, etc. Keep an eye out for patrolling guards on your way. You can always reload your save if you get spotted.

Exit the parking garage and turn right. You’ll see a massive building ahead of you. This is the Kronstadt Expo Center and the location of our second target, Robert Knox. Enter through the front door, past the welcome desk, and you’ll see a car rotating on a lazy Susan with two journalists talking. Let them finish yapping and they’ll wander off. Then dart into the Aquarium.

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin

There are two guards in here, but they stick together on a very predictable patrol route. Sneak around them and go through the door in the southwest corner of the Aquarium. Run up the stairs and through the first door on your left into the Android Lab. Then immediately take cover behind the table. Once both scientists in here turn their backs to you, move through the door on your left. Go into the smaller room, up the drain pipe, and climb onto the ledge.

OK, now for some fun stuff! Grab the wrench from the shelf and disable the fuse box. Leave through the door and take a right through another door onto a balcony. Wait for a scientist to come through and start fixing the fuse box. Knock him out with the wrench (it’s faster than subduing) and drag him onto the balcony. Repeat this step three times until the whole science team is all dealt with.

Now it’s time for the guards, but be mindful of Knox’s patrol route. If he’s on this floor or coming up the stairs, just hide and wait from him to move away before proceeding. Wait until the guard in Robert’s office has his back to you. Then move in, using the desk as cover, and knock him out when he looks through the window.

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin

Surprise! The window smashed, didn’t it? That scared the life out of me, too, but don’t worry. It doesn’t alert anyone. Drag the guard’s body into the security room to the right. Next, use the coin to distract the two guards outside, one at a time, luring them into the room. Knock them out. Then drag their bodies into one of the side rooms. With the guards dealt with, we’re almost finished.

Mess with the air conditioning panel on the west wall of the room (left of the windows). Then walk through the double doors and down the corridor to the last door on your right. It should be Knox’s private bathroom. You’ll find his eye drops on the counter. Poison them using the Lethal Poison Pills we grabbed earlier and jump out of the window.

Now turn left and head toward the locked gate that leads to the helipad. Just watch out for the guard who patrols between here and the nearby security room. Unlock the gate and stand by the helicopter. Now we wait for Knox to use the eye drops… which will terminate him in a gruesome fashion. After which you can escape the mission via the helicopter.

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin

And there we have it! That’s Hitman 2’s Miami level on Master difficulty, with the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge. Now, go out there and try to shave a few minutes off that time (if that’s your thing). Or check out our Hitman 2 review for our thoughts on the full game. Good luck, Agent.