Hades Cross-Save Guide – Does Hades Have Cross-Save?

Hades is the latest game from beloved independent developer Supergiant Games. This rogue-like revolves around players attempting to escape from the Underworld with the assistance of various Greek gods and mythological figures. Originally released in back in 2018 via Early Access, Hades has finally entered 1.0 and is now considered complete. Taking the internet and gaming community by storm, Hades is quickly gaining a ton of popularity thanks to its incredible art direction, combat, and engaging story. Easily a Game of the Year contender, many are enjoying Hades on PC or Switch. However, this has left some wondering if cross-save is ever coming to this rogue-like.

Does Hades Have Cross-Save?

Yes and no. At the time of writing this, cross-save is not available for Hades, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. On September 11th, Supergiant Games posted a message on Twitter explaining that they will be delaying the cross-save feature. This was so they wouldn’t miss their release date for the full game due to unforeseen setbacks during their final testing of the product. Cross-save is planned to arrive later this year, which means some time within the next three months.

Hades is currently available for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch, however, Supergiant Games has mentioned that they will explore other opportunities to release this game on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. With the new systems set to release in early November, we suspect of Hades is coming to other platforms it would be for the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. Given the sheer popularity of the game, this wouldn’t be a surprising move as Hades has garnered a lot of positive reactions and reviews.

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 What is Hades?

For the unfamiliar, Hades is an isometric action game where you control Hades’ son, Zagreus. Driven to escape the depths of the underworld, players will battle against hordes of unique monsters, face challenging bosses, and dodge deadly traps. As you progress through the underworld, Zagreus will come across boons offered by various Greek gods. These act as modifiers, buffs, and new abilities that can be utilized during your escape attempt. With nine different gods, there are a ton of boons you can mix, match, and even combine. Add on the six different weapons (each of which can also be altered) and you have an overwhelming amount of builds you can craft.

But where Hades truly rises above other rogue-likes is how it marries storytelling and the concept of death. Instead of just dying and starting over, characters will remember your attempts, offering advice or thoughts for your next journey. Every death will advance the story, allowing you to gain new knowledge about why you aren’t allowed out of the underworld along with various side stories involving the denizens of the House of Hades. Add in a dash of dating simulator relationship building and Hades turns your failure into an exciting opportunity to expand your knowledge of the world’s lore.

If you’re still on the fence about picking up Hades, make sure to check out our review podcast for this rogue-like!