Ghostwire: Tokyo Chapters List Guide – How Long is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Binding lights.

It’s time to explore a paranormal open world with Ghostwire: Tokyo, the latest game from Tango Gameworks. The story introduces you to a recreation of Tokyo infested by a strange fog, opening the door to all sorts of spirits into our realm. Alongside the main chapters, you can expect an array of side missions, dozens of collectibles, and tons of exploration to do. This guide focuses on the Ghostwire: Tokyo chapters list, as well as how long it’s going to take you to see both the main story and everything else the game has to offer.

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How Long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

If you’re wondering how long Ghostwire Tokyo is, it can take you around 15 hours to finish the main story, varying between 10 to 20 depending on your difficulty (there are four difficulty levels by default.)

You should keep in mind that this estimate refers to just following the main quest marker, going from point A to B, and pretty much nothing else. It’s likely that you’re going to be distracted by side activities, or just spend some time leveling up once encounters start to get more challenging, but that’s the overall estimate. For reference, I spent the first 10 hours advancing the story, but also got sidetracked by optional activities, as well as just exploring the city to see what I could find. Your main obstacle in the city is the hostile fog, which will limit your adventure quite a bit, so you’ll want to cleanse more torii gates to clear the fog, open up the map, and have more space to navigate in general.

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters List 2

Speaking of getting sidetracked, aside from the already hefty Ghostwire: Tokyo chapters list, there is a shitton of optional treasure hunting to do. Just a few collectibles include KK’s Investigation Notes, Relics, and Jizo Statues. The first grant you skill points, which always come in handy. Relics can be turned over to Nekomata vendors around the city in exchange for rewards after you’ve turned a certain amount of them. And Jizo Statues increase the number of charges across your three main powers by one point each. There are dozens of each of these collectibles around the city.

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Then, for almost every main mission you complete and torii gate you cleanse, you’ll to unlock one or more side quests alongside it. These are rather different than the main story, and provide a good laugh and some heartfelt moments. In addition, the rewards are sometimes worth the time investment, as you can get Magatama (which are used to unlock more abilities in your skill trees), outfits for your character, currency, and so on.

In summary, there is a lot to do in Ghostwire: Tokyo, but only if you fancy it. And yes, you can continue playing after you finish the main story, but there is a specific questline of side missions that you won’t be able to access after the point of no return. The game notifies you when this happens, so don’t worry.

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters List

You can find the full list of Ghostwire Tokyo chapters as well as main missions below (light spoilers ahead):

Chapter 1: Beginnings

  • The Vanishing
  • City of Shadows

Chapter 2: Trouble

  • KK
  • Clearing the Fog
  • A Maze of Death
  • The Buried Life
  • The Caves of Steel

Chapter 3: Connection

  • Pillar of Light
  • Blindness
  • Agony

Chapter 4: Contortion

  • Giants
  • The Black Tower

Chapter 5: Severance

  • Family
  • Tokyo Tower

Chapter 6: Binding

  • Mari
  • Gate to the Underworld
  • Farewells

Have fun traversing through this eerie version of Tokyo!