Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event Guide – Event Dates, Rewards, Shop Info

Unreconciled Stars is Genshin Impact’s latest limited-time event, and it’s a bit bigger than just a co-op event or character banner. Stick here for everything you need to know about navigating the event while it’s on. But do be warned, spoilers are ahead.

This event is only available from November 16, 2020 to November 30, 2020.

There are two major additions that come with this event, one being the event shop, and the other being character boosts while participating in certain missions.

Event Shop

Here you can exchange meteorite shards you’ve found for character ascension materials, talent materials, mora and more. All items in the shop will only be available during the event’s period, and all shards you’ve found will disappear when the shops are closed—so be sure to use them!

There are two new types of currencies for this event, which can only be earned by participating. Meteorite shards in the form of Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence.

Character Boosts

During both the meteor remains and fallen star challenges, these characters will receive 60 percent damage dealt boosts:

  • Tartaglia
  • Mona
  • Fischl
  • Liza
  • Beidou
  • Ningguang
  • Noelle
  • Chongyun
  • Xiangling

Starting the Questlines:

To start Unreconciled Stars, you must be at least Adventure Rank 20 and you’ll first need to take on the introductory quest. This is fairly straightforward; head to Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild and speak with Katheryne. You’ll be paired with Fischl and her raven familiar Oz, and tasked to head to Springvale to check out the situation.

Everything in this first quest is laid out very plainly, so we won’t go into too much detail about it here, instead focusing on the questlines that come after it that will require you to search for meteorite fragments.

After completing the first quest, a new menu will come up, accessible through the Events menu. This is a new hub of sorts for all things related to the questlines. Here, you’ll be able to pick up new quests, check rewards, visit the event shop and more.

Quests you accept from this menu will appear in your quests menu, making them easier to find for when you’re ready to take them on. Most quests will reward you in meteorite shards as (to be used in the event shop), primogems and mora.

You can also earn a free Fischl by participating in the “Prinzessin’s Pact.” This is a checklist of different quests you can do during the event to earn her as a playable character, or stella fortuna piece of her constellation without having to spend wishes. This will be described in more detail below.

Unknown Stars – Overture and Interlude

To play this phase of the event, select the Unknown Stars Event in the Event menu. This will bring up a new menu of quests and show you the relative area where shards have fallen. The goal is to collect all of the shards in a given area.

You can find shard using elemental sight and by paying attention to your character’s vision, as it will glow and blink when in close proximity to a shard. Make sure to use any other character than your Traveller, as they do not have a vision. Every other character wears an amulet of some sort on their person, such as a necklace or belt charm and it will glow bright blue when you are near a shard. Light blue search circles will appear on the mini-map as you explore each area as well.

There are more shards available than are required to find. What is listed in this guide are the ones we found most easily. Other shards will still be marked on your mini-map even after completing the objective in an area; these can be collected for additional Fading Star’s Might.

Star of Deceitful Dreams

(Available Nov. 18, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020)

To begin this questline, head to the event menu and click on the option; it will tell you to complete the quest “The Crisis Deepens” to unlock it. This quest will appear in your quest menu, making it easier to go back to.

Head to Springvale to continue the story of the meteorite shards. Speak to Draff; he is in front of his house with Fischl and Oz. He will tell you Adeline, a housemaid, is inviting you to Dawn Winery for a meeting. Head to the mansion at Dawn Winery and speak to her; she is in the back near some tables.

Adeline will tell you one of the Dawn Winery staff members had been impacted by the meteorites, but has since recovered because of your actions. But, two of the delivery staff are missing: Fritz and Ben. Head to the Stone Gate in Liyue to search for them.

In order to find them, you’ll need to speak with three NPCs, Huachu, Pops Zhou and Jianqiu. Follow the path toward Mondstadt to find Ben; he is surrounded by cryo Whopperflowers. Use his cart to deflect some of the damage these two enemies cause, and defeat them to speak with him. He tells you Fritz is stuck between the Stone Gate and Dihua Marsh, near the Wangshu Inn.

When you arrive, a new character will be standing next to Fritz’s unconscious body. After a brief conversation, a Millelith guard will direct you toward the disaster relief station at the Wangshu Inn. Speak with the guard at the furthest tent first, then follow the quest markers to the other tents to check on the whereabouts of Fritz. Then, head up to speak with the innkeeper.

Head to the Guili Plains to start looking for shards. You’ll want to look for a large shard in the grasses a bit further south than the bridge where it sends you to search. Here, you’ll need to defeat several waves of enemies.

Make sure that when this 10 minute window begins, you do not leave the circle that is highlighted or you will lose progress. For these battles, you’ll want to have a ranged character, and several that have different AoE attacks for elemental combinations. The bar at the top of the screen will show your progress in “salvaging” the meteorite. You want to hit 300 by the time the timer runs out.

Go to the next search area and repeat the salvaging process. Once this battle is over, return to speak to Kathryne. She points you in the direction of Mona, the astrologist. She’ll want you to meet her on the opposite side of Windrise, in Starfell Valley.

After a short cutscene here, the quest will end, unlocking Meteorite Remains Salvage challenges. These challenges will reward you in mora, primogems and ascension materials. Speak to Mona to find the different locations to take on the challenges.

Star of Destiny

(Available Nov. 23, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020)

Head back to where you left Mona in Mondstadt. She’s at the same location where she can be found for Meteorite Salvage challenge locations. She needs a favor from you, and that’s to find out not where—but who—the meteorites are actually coming from. She’ll send you to find out more about the dreams everyone had since they all fell into a slumber from the meteorites.

This will take you to Qingce Village. You’ll want to look for a Millelith named Jinglun and speak to him. You’ll then may want to use any other character besides the traveler, as you’ll need one with a vision to find the meteorites in the fields.

You’re looking for the large Meteorite Salvage types, not the smaller ones scattered about Teyvat. In our run, both of these were electricity types, one with electro slimes, and one with treasure hoarders. It may help to have a few pyro or cyro characters in your active party before taking these on.

After you’ve completed both meteorite challenges, head back to Jinglun. He’ll then send you to speak to the victims nearby to learn more. Go to the tent at the bottom of the stairs first, then to the the tent behind this one next to a house being built. The third tent is across the village, close to the villa where Granny Ruoxin is at the waypoint.

Gao the Sixth is the one who has woken up and he’s hungry. Too bad you can’t give him your emergency food. Head to the camp stove near the mill in Qingce Village to make him one Qingce Stir-fry. You’ll need three mushrooms, two lotus heads, one Jueyun chili, and one head of cabbage. You can find the chillies in Qingce Village, lotus heads in Liyue Harbor, mushrooms almost anywhere but mostly at the base of trees in Mondstadt (Whispering Woods or Windrise), and purchase the cabbage in Mondstadt or Liyue Harbor. Return to Gao with the meal.

Gao will describe his dream to you, and with information in tow, it’s time to return to Mona. After a short cutscene, the same character from Inazuma appears once more. It appears he’s also one of the Fatui harbingers. Mona reacts quickly and escapes with you, Paimon, Oz and Fischl. After some discussion, Mona will send you and Fishcl after the next meteorite. It’s not far from where Mona usually stands. This will complete this phase’s starting quest and begin the Falling Star challenges.

Falling Star Challenge

Head to the event menu and head to the “Star of Destiny” menu. You’ll need to align the symbols appropriately to proceed. The first challenge will be on Falcon Coast where you find the first Falling Star and you can play this solo or in co-op. We recommend playing co-op as even in solo it’s a live event so characters can take damage while you’re trying to heal or revive them.

The point of this challenge is to defeat enemies and then submit celestial energy collected from those enemies. You’ll fight them in waves with increasing difficulty. Between each wave, you’ll want to submit your celestial energy however, if you take a hit while you’re doing this, you will lose the energy you’re trying to submit.

Each round has a randomized set of buffs and debuffs, such as more aggressive enemies or only one submission point. At the end of each round you’ll be rewarded with Fading Star’s Essence, and be able to use these toward talent level-up materials.

Meteoric Wave

This is yet another layer of quests that unlock with each phase of the event. We’ll detail all of the quests here, how to do them and rewards. Unlike the phases, as these are world quests, they will appear in your quests menu, making it easier to find when you’re ready to participate. When you accept these quests, know that you only have limited number of days to complete them.

Unknown Stars

“That Which Fell From The Sky”

Rewards: 40 Primogems, 20 Fading Star’s Might, and 25,000 mora

Head to the cathedral in Mondsadt and speak with Grace the nun, near the base of the Anemo god statue. She will then send you to find Lynn, who is waiting just outside the city near the waypoint outside the gates. Lynn will send you to find Doolan, Pachi and Schuster.

Doolan is with Patchi near the Thousand Winds Temple, at the top of one of the walls. Attempt to convince the two to return to Mondstadt. Doolan will send you to find Schuster.

Schuster will be hiding at the base of a tree near a waypoint in Stormbearer Point. After speaking to him you will need to find Vind, a nun.

Vind is also at Stormbearer Point, though much closer to the point of the cliff. Speak with her, and then defeat two waves of enemies.

After speaking to Vind again, return to Grace in Mondstadt. This will compete the quest.

“To Each Their Duty”

Rewards: 40 Primogems, 20 Fading Star’s Might, and 25,000 mora

Speak to Huffman near the Angel’s Whisper tavern. He will send you to give orders to Mack who is at Falcon Coast. He is the knight who watches over the children playing there.

He asks you to convince the two kids to return to the city. Speak with both Will and Jill and then to Mack. He will then send you to give orders to Harry.

Harry is near a waypoint at Stormwatcher Point, right behind where you spawn in. He will ask you to help clear the area of monsters; follow the yellow circles on the minimap and defeat two waves of monsters. Return to Harry, and then return to Huffman to complete the quest.

“Thoughts Carried On The Wind”

Rewards: 40 Primogems, 20 Fading Star’s Might, and 25,000 mora

Find Godwin, closest to the Temple of the Falcon. He will send you to clear out a Hillichurl camp nearby. After clearing this camp, you’ll want to follow the yellow search circle mark on the mini-map and clear it out as well.

Then, a third location will spawn, on the opposite side of Falcon Coast from where you are. It is in front of the Temple of the Lion. After clearing out this location, head back to Godwin near the Temple of the Falcon; he will ask you to return to Mondstadt to check on Glory, a sightless character in the city.

Glory is sitting on a bench near the waypoint closest to the Adventurer’s Guild. SPeak to her and she will ask you to take some dandelion seeds to Godwin. Find him again near the Temple of the Falcon and speak with him to complete the quest.

Star of Deceitful Dreams

The Siege of Qingce”

Rewards: 40 Primogems, 20 Fading Star’s Might, and 25,000 mora

Head to the waypoint southwest of Qingce Village; follow the path to a Millelith solider named Jinglun. He will ask you to help with the monster situation in the area. Turn around and head south on the same path you’re on, and then defeat the monster and destroy the tower and roadblocks here. Then return to Jinglun in the same place where you found him, near the waypoint.

He then tells you his people need help eliminating an enemy. Head northwest of this location to find it and defeat it, then return to Jinglun to complete the quest.


Rewards: 40 Primogems, 20 Fading Star’s Might, and 25,000 mora

Speak to Huffman in Mondstadt. He will send you to defeat some treasure hoarders at the side entrance of the city. Defeat them, and return to Huffman. He will then send you to protect Springvale. Speak to Timid Morrow and defeat the monsters nearby.

Then you will need to destroy some monster camps; head to the yellow search circles on the mini-map. After all enemies are defeated, return to Timid Morrow, and then to Huffman to complete the quest.

“‘The Guy”s Scheme”

Rewards: 40 Primogems, 20 Fading Star’s Might, and 25,000 mora

Head to Mondstadt and speak to Vile in the plaza of the cathedral. She will tell you of the treasure hoarders she’s been spying on, and needs someone to deliver some letters to them. Head to the front entrance of the city and drop three letters in the locations marked on the map.

Next, you’ll need to head to the meeting spot at the northern side of the city and between the lake between 00:00 and 06:00 a.m. Use the clock function in the start menu to fast forward time. You’ll need to defeat several waves of hoarders. Once completed, head back to Vile to complete the quest.

Star of Destiny

More details coming soon!

Prinzessin’s Pact

To earn Fischl as a playable character or her stella fortuna without having to wish for her, complete the following:

  • The quest “Star of Destiny”
  • Complete the Meteorite Remains Salvage challenge 14 times
  • Complete the Fallen Star challenge seven times