Genshin Impact Rukkhashava Guide – Rukkhashava Location, Uses

Where to find the Genshin Impact Padisarah Mushroom locations and its uses.

The Genshin Impact Rukkhashava Mushrooms is one of the latest materials to arrive in the game, although it’s a material that you can purchase in limited quantities at a store. The 3.0 update of the ever-increasing RPG has brought upon dozens of new additions, but not everything is going to be laid out and explained from the get-go. This guide dives into the Rukkhashava mushroom locations, how to harvest it, as well as the uses for the material around your characters.

If you’re on the lookout for more materials, we have guides covering Kalpalata, Rukkhashava, Padisarah, Harra Fruit, Zaytun Peach, Viparyas, Sumeru Rose, and Nilotpala.

Genshin Impact Rukkhashava Mushrooms Locations – Where to Find the Rukkhashava

If you’re looking to harvest Kalpalata Lotus, you’re in luck, as there are several locations to pick from. Rukkhashava is usually found close to trees, but there are a few key locations in which you’re likely to spot them more often.

First off, know that you can purchase the material from Ashpazi at 1000 a piece, but the stock is quite limited. If you’re interested in gathering larger quantities, and for free no less, check the list below.

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You can find Rukkhashava in the following locations:

  • Around Vanarana — northwest, southeast, and all the way south at the end of the riverbank
  • Northwest of Avidya Forest, next to the road that leads to Vanarana
  • Close to Vissudha Field
  • Both around and up north of Ashavan Realm near the riverbank
  • Northwest of The Chasm
  • Southeast of Ardravi Valley
  • All in all, the biggest spot for Rukkhashava Mushrooms is around Lokapala Jungle. If you’re interested in grabbing as many as you can in one go, that’s where you should go

In order to harvest it, all you need to do is approach the material and interact with it. It’s a fairly simple task, although you may have to climb around to get some of them, so keep an eye on that stamina.

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Genshin Impact Rukkhashava Mushroom Uses

If you’re wondering what are the uses for the Rukkhashava Mushrooms, well, there aren’t many of them for the time being. You can find the current use below

  • Collei uses Rukkhashava for its ascension (3x Rukkhashava, 10x Rukkhashava, 20x Rukkhashava, 30x Rukkhashava, 45x Rukkhashava, and 60x Rukkhashava for each of the ascension phases, as well as other materials of course)
  • You can use Rukkhashava to craft Mushroom Hodgepodge, which requires 1x Rukkhashava, 1x Mushroom, and 1x Starshroom
  • You can also use Rukkhashava to craft Dendroculus Resonance Stone, which requires 5x Rukkhashava, 5x Nilotpala Lotus, 1x Crystal Chunk, and 500 Mora

That is all you need to know about the Genshin Impact Rukkhashava material for the time being. It’s likely going to become a part of crafting recipes in the future, similarly to the Nilotpala Lotus, but we’re going to have to wait and see. Until then, make sure to take characters that can withhold the stamina the most, especially if you’re interested in doing Collei’s ascension of crafting the aforementioned items. Best of luck gathering the item, and remember, if you’re interested in just getting as many of them as you can in one go, then Lokapala Jungle is the place to go.