Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Guide – Liben Locations, Box of Marvels Details

Like everyone else playing Genshin Impact, we too are going through the Marvelous Merchandise event on a daily basis. It’s not the hardest event by any means, but you will need to find Liben’s location each day and deliver some basic ingredients to him. Most importantly, after you do all of that you have to choose a Box of Marvels to open with each corresponding to each slime element. But which one should you pick? We have details on all of that in this guide.

A merchant from Liyue with a very striking appearance. He says he’s got some “good deals,” but something about him just looks fishy. Well, as long as his conditions are as attractive as his appearance…

The Marvelous Merchandise event ends in five and a half days meaning you have until around November 1 or 2nd to open some boxes.

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Liben Locations

At the start of every day, Liben moves to a different location. You don’t have to wander the entire world searching for him, however. Thankfully the event page offers you a “hint” which, at least thus far, has explicitly told us where to find him. As it stands, he seems to be sticking to named villages and towns.

  • October 30: Wangshu Inn
  • October 29: Stone Gate
  • October 28: Dawn Winery
  • October 27: Springvale
  • October 26: Mondstadt

Delivery Requirements

Liben won’t just give you a Box of Marvel for free, however. He says it’s crucial to his business that he get something in return. How he makes a profit is entirely uncertain and he’s hesitant to say any more. All I know is I gave him ten pinecones today and he gave me 20,000 More and some of the best character experience in the game in return. Seems good!

  • October 30: 10 Apples
  • October 29: 10 Sunsettia
  • October 28: 10 Berries
  • October 27: 10 Pinecones
  • October 26: 10 Matsutake Mushrooms

Box of Marvels Details

It turns out which box you choose doesn’t really matter, it’s just the illusion of choice. Box contents are chosen from a random pool and if you open all boxes, you’ll get all of these at some point.

  • Box 1: 30 Primogems, 3 Teachings of Prosperity, 3 Teachings of Diligence, 3 Teachings of Gold
  • Box 2: 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, 4 Hero’s Wit
  • Box 3: 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Box 4: 30 Primogems, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 6 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • Box 5: 30 Primogems, 40,000 Mora

Ultimately, the Marvelous Merchandise event in Genshin Impact is a thinly veiled login event. There’s really no challenge to finding Liben and the materials he asks for in return are things you either have or can quickly pick up in a minute or two.

We would have preferred just a good, old-fashioned log in event, but hey, at least it’s a temporary injection of some much needed Primogems. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make some pulls for Klee.

We’ll see you tomorrow and the days after that for more updates on where you can find Liben. Hopefully he doesn’t go wondering off to a boss area or something like that.