Genshin Impact Inazuma Guide – Release Date, Characters, Archon

A look at what Patch 1.6 may hold.

As part of the MiHoYo’s recent announcements we now know that Inazuma is the next region coming to Genshin Impact. We’ve yet to see a region this big get added to the game as Dragonspine brought a much smaller location, granted it has more verticality than many other parts of Teyvat. In this guide, however, we’ll be telling you everything we know  about Inazuma. That includes official concept art from the region, names of potential characters that have been found in datamining efforts,

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What is Inazuma?

From what we understand, Inazuma is a nation of islands to the southwest of Liyue. Like Mondstadt and Liyue before it, Inazuma has it’s own archon: Baal. We don’t know a ton about the region other than the fact that it’s been isolating itself from the rest of the world for some time. According to Zhongli, we’ll be running into Raiden, the name Baal goes by in the public.

As it stands, Baal has put a Vision Hunting Decree into place. All Visions are to be seized by those who use them so they can be inlayed into the city’s statue of the Thousand-Armed, Hundred-Eyed God. This means we’re fine since the Traveler doesn’t require a Vision, but it does make things complicated for all of our current friends and any new ones we might run into.

The region seems to be loosely based off of Japan.

The Anemo Archon is the God of Freedom, and the Geo Archon is the God of Contracts. For her part, the Raiden Shogun is the God of Eternity. It seems as though she has finally decided to eliminate any unstable elements that could pose a threat to her eternal realm. – Zhongli

What Are Some Upcoming Characters?

MiHoYo has not confirmed the release date for Inazuma, but we think it’s likely coming in update 1.6 sometime in May.

Confirmed Characters

Leaked Characters

Leaked about five months ago via this Reddit thread.

  • Mimi a Hydro Catalyst user.
  • Sayu an Anemo Claymore user.
  • Tohama a Pyro Polearm user.

Inazuma Locations

Here are all of the announced locations so far. Concept art for each region is below the respective headings.

Yashiori Island

While we have no clue what’s been happening here on Yashiori Island, MiHoYo does confirm that the “presence of evil is palpable here” and even the less corrupted parts of the land are still plagued with the skeleton of a giant snake.

Inazuma City

The seat of the Electro Archon which towers over the rest of Inazuma City.


Kannazuka is a mountain covered in flora. Hidden within it is the Mikage Furnace, the largest smelting facility in the region. While it looks solid from above, the concept art shows a community which seems to live among the outcrops complete with a floating rock structure in the center, presumably the furnace.

Narukami Island

This is the area of Inazuma with the Grand Narukami Shrine and Sacred Sakura visible for miles around. Down the coast (on the bottom right of the image) is Inazuma City.