Genshin Impact Housing Guide – Adeptal Energy, Trust Rank, & More

Ah, a Serenetea Pot. Like Serenity Pot. But with Tea.

It’s been a wild few months in Genshin Impact to be honest. MiHoYo continues to experiment with the title, adding new temporary game modes which you’d never really expect to find in a gacha game. With Patch 1.5, the developers are adding something you rarely see outside of MMOs or at the very least, 2D gacha games: a housing system. In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about the Serenitea Pot and building your very own private abode.

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Genshin Impact Housing Requirements

  • Complete the quest A Teapot to Call Home to obtain the gadget Serenitea Pot.
  • A Teapot to Call Home Quest Unlock Criteria:
    • Adventure Rank 35 or above
    • Complete the Archon Quest, Chapter I: Act III “A New Star Approaches”

How Genshin Impact Housing Works

The Serenitea Pot is a new gadget obtained from Madame Ping. Using it summons a floating tea pot in front of you which you can interact with to go inside. There are three different realms to choose from, though you can only choose one to unlock at the start. If you want to utilize them all, you’ll need to increase your Trust Rank, but more on that later.

  • Cool Isle – An island cluster surrounded by water. One wonders how many cups of tea can be brewed from this vast ocean.
  • Emerald Peak – A cloud-piercing mountain peak. Well, that’s how it looks, at least. But being inside a teapot and all, the highest mountain probably reaches no higher than the stalk of a tea leaf.
  • Floating Abode – An island cluster suspended in mid-air. A typical feature of many adepti realms. A boundless world featuring nothing besides a cluster of islands.

Inside each of these realms you’ll find Tubby who is your representative in this world. This is who you’re increasing your Trust Rank with. Doing so will give you various rewards like furniture, structures, and more of those aforementioned realms to use. They also help you create new furnishings with your materials, function as a shop to spend your Realm Currency, and can be spoken to like any other NPC.

As expected, you can place any of these items however you’d like to build your ultimate hideaway. This includes the characters you’ve unlocked from wishes. Things do get a little bit technical now, but that’s the gist of it.

Realm Currency, Trust Rank, and Adeptal Energy

It wouldn’t be a new Genshin Impact feature without a reputation to level up. While it seems complicated, it’s actually relatively simple.

You’ll start off with one realm and no Trust Rank with Tubby. The first time you craft a furnishing from a recipe, you’ll earn Trust from Tubby. This means there’s an emphasis on discovering more unique recipes, rather than spamming your island with the same item over and over. Maximizing your Trust to Rank 10 will unlock all three realms.

Placing items increases the amount of Adeptal Energy your realm has. The higher this value, is the more you will passively earn Realm Currency which you can use to purchase new furniture and buildings from both Tubby and Chubby. Who’s Chubby? They’re a limited time vendor who sometimes appears in your realm with new things for you to purchase like animals and other items for your island.

That’s basically everything there is to know about the new housing system. You’ll obviously need to collect recipes to craft your own furniture, so look forward to getting those as rewards now too. Not to mention some of the more elaborate pieces are going to use rarer materials. When the time comes, we’ll dig into that.