Genshin Impact Free Diona Guide – Energy Amplifier Initiation Event

So many Fruit Fragments...

We have some good news for you you’re yet to pull Diona from a Genshin Impact banner. The upcoming Patch 1.5, titled Beneath the Light of Jadeite, has a series of new events. These contain the usual group of loot including Primogems, level up materials, and lots of smaller scale stuff. Energy Amplifier Initiation, however, sports a free 4-Star character in Diona. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything we know about this event and how you can add Diona to your collection.

Energy Amplifier Initiation Event Dates

This event runs from April 30 to May 15, 2021.

During the event you’ll need to complete challenges at Places of Interest, Domains, and Twisted Realms. Doing so will earn you Fractured Fruit Data that can be exchanged for various rewards like Primogems, a Crown of Insight, and Diona, the 4-Star Cryo Bow user.

How to Get Free Diona

We don’t yet know how expensive Diona will be in the event shop, but we imagine she’ll be the most expensive offering. We’ll update this guide as soon as we know!


Energy Amplifier Information

This is a somewhat complicated even compared to previous ones. Before each challenge you can outfit your Divination Disc with a variety of modifiers. These vary in rarity and strength. Falcon’s Dance, for example, is a 4-Star Fracture Fruit Core which causes all of your characters to unleash a shockwave that deals AOE damage to opponents whenever they do a plunging attack.

It’s probably easiest to just let the text speak for itself to start, we’ll attempt to explain after.

The Energy Amplifier can draw out peoples’ strength and convert it into Motive Force, which scales based on character levels. The higher their level, the greater the Motive Force.

Motive Force is used to revitalize Irminsul Fruit Fragments. The more Motive Force you spend, the more and higher the quality of the Irminsul Fruit Fragments that you can reviatlize. Revitalized Irminsul Fruit Fragments can grant great buffs to your characters within the event Domain.

The Energy Amplifier has 11 slots upon which Irminsul Fruit Fragments can be mounted, but only the central slot can withstand the might of a Fractured Fruit Shard.

Did you get all that? Here’s a quick summary:

  • The higher your combined party level is, the more Motive Force you have.
  • You spend this Motive Force to slot Fruit Fragments into your Energy Amplifier.
  • These have associated rarities and you can only equip one 4-Star fragment.
  • There are 11 total slots to use. One for 4-Star fragments and the rest for 3-Star fragments.
  • You can borrow up to three characters from your friends, using their higher levels to increase you Motive Force though you can’t use them in combat.

How to Get Fruit Fragments

From our understanding, Fruit Fragments are located through Teyvat and must be found. They’ll be defended by foes, but once they’re defeated you’re able to add them to your Energy Amplifier’s repertoire.

Once you have your fruit fragments, you’re able to enter four different domains:

  • Domain of Deceit
  • Domain of Heresy
    • A new set of Attendants will be summed at fixed intervals, replacing the previous group, and these Attendants will enhance the Abyss Herald’s abilities. Each Attendant increases its elemental resistance and physical resistance by 10%. The Attendants will also heal it every 12 seconds for 5% of its HP per Attendant. When there are no Attendants on the field, the Abyss Herald will lose the aforementioned enhancements and healing abilities. All Attendants will be destroyed when the Abyss Herald enters the Dark Descent state due to taking damage, and they will not be summoned again.
    • Enemies: Abyss Herald, Hilichurls, and Samachurls.
  • Domain of Furious Thunder
    • A plasma field will be generated at the edger of the challenge area once the challenge begins. While within the field, characters will be hit by a lightning strike every two seconds and take Electro damage. The area covered by the field will gradually expand as the challenge proceeds.
    • Enemies: Hilichurls and Fatui Skirmishers.
  • Domain of Chaos
    • A chaos cluster will chase characters around once the challenge begins. When the chaos cluster touches a character or opponents, it will deal immense damage to them. If it touches a character, it will disappear. The size and damage dealt off these clusters will gradually bleed away and grow smaller, but its speed will also gradually increase.
    • Enemies: Ruin Guards, Graders, and Hunters

Thankfully you can control the difficulty of these challenges with harder difficulties rewarding more Fractured Fruit Data. You can earn extra Fruit Data by turning on modifiers which make things even more challenging. Some of these increase your Stamina consumption or reduce healing effectiveness. Others spawn additional foes and cause your characters to take more damage for a short time after every elemental burst.