Genshin Impact Diona Guide: Best Build, Artifacts, & Team for Patch 1.5

Spam abilities and freeze foes with this Diona support build.

Have you been lucky enough to pull this adorable, chibi-sized ball of ferocious ice? Diona is one of the latest characters for Genshin Impact’s roster, and is a bartender who pack a lot more of a punch (and carts quite the hangover remedy) than expected. In this guide, we’ll explain the best build, artifacts, and team, for Diona support!

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First and foremost, it’s important to note Diona is a ranged cyro character who is primarily a healer and an elemental support thanks to her ability to freeze foes.

Katzlein Style (Normal Attack)

    • Normal Attack: Perform up to five consecutive shots with a bow.
    • Charged Attack: Perform a more precise aimed shot with increased damage. While aiming, biting frost will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged frost arrow will deal Cryo damage.
    • Plunging Attack: Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AOE damage upon impact.

Icy Paws (Elemental Skill)

    • Deals Cyro damage to enemies and forms a shield; the damage scales based off of Diona’s max HP, and duration is based off of how many icy paws hit.
    • Press: Fires off two Icy Paws.
    • Hold: Dashes before leaving five icy paws behind; shield created by this attack will have an increased 75 percent damage absorption bonus. The shield has a 250% Cryo damage absorption bonus, and will cause your active character to become affected by Cryo at the point of formation for a short duration.

Signature Mix (Elemental Burst)

    • Tosses out a special cold brew that deals AOE Cryo damage creates a Drunken Mist in an AOE.
    • Deals continuous Cryo damage to opponents within the AOE.
    • Continuously regenerates the HP of characters within the AOE.

Cat’s Tail Secret Menu (Passive 1) – Ascension 1

  • Any characters in the Icy Paws shield get movement speed increased by ten percent, and stamina consumption decreased by ten percent.

Drunkards’ Farce (Passive 2) – Ascension 4

  • Enemies inside the Drunkard’s Mist AOE see their attack stat reduced by ten percent for 15 seconds.

Complimentary Bar Food (Passive 3) – Unlocked

  • Diona has a 12 percent chance to double any meal with restorative effects when a perfect is achieved.


Weapon Options

As always, we recommend going for three-star weapons on most characters, as odds are, you’ll be able to refine and ascend them more effectively. That said, here are the bows we think will be most effective on Diona:

Sacrificial Bow (4-Star) – After enemies are hit with an elemental skill, or basic ability, that skill has a 40 percent chance (at base level) to have its cooldown reset immediately. This can only happen once every 30 seconds, but it does mean Diona’s skills become even easier to throw off even more quickly.

Favonius Warbow (4-Star): All critical hits have a 60 percent chance (at base level) to produce elemental particles to charge six points of elemental energy for Diona. It’s really only her skills that make her a solid character, so any weapon that can charge those quickly make her a good rapid-fire character.


For artifacts, we’re going to focus on the most obvious stats: Elemental Reaction Percent, HP Percent, and Healing Bonus. We personally recommend running Noblesse Oblige if no one else in your party has it equipped. Otherwise go for a split between The Exile and The Scholar for that sweet, sweet recharge increase.

Noblesse Oblige (4/5-Star) – (2) +20% Elemental burst damage. (4) Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ attack by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect cannot stack.

The Exile (3/4-Star) – (2) +20% Energy Recharge. (4) Using an Elemental Burst regenerates two Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every two seconds for six seconds. This effect cannot stack.

The Scholar (3/4-Star) – (2) +20% Energy Recharge. (4) Gaining Elemental Particles or Orbs gives three Energy to all party members who have a bow or catalyst equipped. Can only occur once every three seconds.


Diona is a proper support character, though she has slightly more damage than some other healers in the game.

  • Top Tier Team
    • Main DPS: Diluc
    • Secondary DPS: Bennett
    • Healer: Diona
    • Support:  Venti
  • Budget Team
    • Main DPS: Kaeya
    • Secondary DPS: Chongyun
    • Healer: Diona
    • Support: Mona

Talent Materials

  • Talent Level-Up Material: Teaching of Freedom, Guide to Freedom, Philosophies of Freedom
  • Common Ascension Material: Firm Arrowhead, Sharp Arrowhead, Weathered Arrowhead
  • Weekly Material: Shard of a Foul Legacy (Level 70+ Childe Challenge)


As usual, there are some powerful constellations here, but good luck getting to them. The first two constellations are really good upgrades, but C6 is game changing for Diona if you can get to it.

  • Level 1 — A Lingering Flavor: Regenerates 15 Energy as Signature Mix ends.
  • Level 2 — Shaken, Not Purred: Icy Paws deal an extra 15 percent damage, and the shields have 15 percent extra damage absorption. When an icy paw hits an enemy, it creates a new shield with 50 percent effectiveness on nearby allies for five seconds.
  • Level 3 — A-Another Round?: Signature Mix’s level is increased by three. Max level is 15.
  • Level 4 — Wine Industry Slayer: When Diona is inside Drunken Mist, all aimed shots charge 60 percent faster.
  • Level 5 — Double Shot, On The Rocks: Icy Paws’ level is increased by three. Max level is 15.
  • Level 6 — Cat’s Tail Closing Time: Inside Drunken Mist AOE, all ally characters gain a 30 percent healing bonus when their health is below 50 percent, or they gain 200 Elemental Mastery.

Ascension Information

Here’s what you’ll need to maximize Diona’s level cap.

  • 1st Ascension (Max Level 20) – 1 Shivada Jade Sliver, 3 Calla Lilies, 3 Firm Arrowheads
  • 2nd Ascension (Max Level 40) – 3 Shivada Jade Fragment, 2 Hoarfrost Cores, 10 Calla Lilies, 15 Firm Arrowheads
  • 3rd Ascension (Max Level 50) – 6 Shivada Jade Fragment, 4 Hoarfrost Cores, 20 Calla Lilies, 12 Sharp Arrowheads
  • 4th Ascension (Max Level 60) – 3 Shivada Jade Chunk, 8 Hoarfrost Cores, 30 Calla Lilies, 18 Sharp Arrowheads
  • 5th Ascension (Max Level 70) – 6 Shivada Jade Chunk, 12 Hoarfrost Cores, 45 Calla Lilies, 12 Weathered Arrowheads
  • 6th Ascension (Max Level 80) – 6 Shivada Jade Gemstone, 20 Hoarfrost Cores, 60 Calla Lilies, 24 Weathered Arrowheads

Guide put together with contributions from Aiden Strawhun.