Genshin Impact Crossplay Guide – Supported Crossplay & Cross Save Platforms

Genshin Impact is coming up on its one year anniversary so you may be wondering what the current state of the game is. What if your group of friends is spread throughout different platforms? Is crossplay supported? And what if you want to hop from one to another without losing your progress? Is that possible? We dig into those questions below!

Does Genshin Impact Have Crossplay Support?

It does! So if you’re on your phone, you can easily play with folks on PC or PS4. Crossplay for PlayStation 5 is coming in a future update. Regardless of which one you play, the game remains free-to-play.

Does Genshin Impact Support Cross Saves?

When Genshin Impact first launched it only supported cross progression between mobile platforms and PC. PlayStation consoles were isolated on their own island. MiHoYo recently announced that this will be changing, however! On July 21 you’ll be able to keep your progress no matter which platform you’re playing on.

How to Turn On Cross Progression

If you have never played on the opposite platform, this is a very easy process.

  • Playing on PC? Download Genshin on your PlayStation and boot it up. When logging in with your miHoYo account a window will pop-up after you agree to the terms of service. This is your one chance to link your accounts. If you skip this window, the game will create a separate miHoYo account and link it to your PlayStation, keeping you from linking them in the future.
  • Playing on PlayStation? Go to Settings > Account > User Center > Link Account and link your account to an email address that doesn’t already have a miHoYo account. You can then install the game on PC and log in using that account.

We’ve reached out to miHoYo for clarification and got an explanation as to how exactly things will work if you’ve played on both PC and PlayStation already. Regardless of what you do, you will lose progress on one of the platforms. You can easily export your PlayStation progress using the process above, but as we said, you need to link to a new email address meaning you’ll lose all of your PC progress. You can’t merge the two. If you want to keep your PC progress and start over on PlayStation, you’re simply out of luck. There is currently no way to unlink a miHoYo account from your PSN account. Sorry folks! Even if you just booted up Genshin Impact to see how it looks with the shiny PlayStation 5 graphics, you’ve locked yourself into that account for the time being.

Do Primogems Carry Over?

Yes! This is exactly why miHoYo has players purchase Genesis Crystals before converting them into Primogems. Genesis Crystals, as a premium currency that you can purchase, do not follow you between platforms. They’re locked to wherever you purchased them. If you convert them into Primogems, however, those will follow you.

Platform Exclusive Content

Unlike Fortnite, Sony’s PlayStation exclusive content does not carry over. The wind glider will only appear when you’re on PlayStation. Unlike that, the weapon will show up even on PC, but its effect only works on console. If you use it on PC it will be a basic weapon. It’s a bit of a weird way to handle things, but it’s not a huge deal.