Fortnite X Jumpman Jordans Collab Guide – Downtown Drop Challenges, Rewards, End Date

Find out everything you need to know about Fortnite and Jordan's crossover event.

Sneakerheads, rejoice! Legit kicks have come to the world of Fortnite, by way of a surprise crossover event. Fortnite X Jumpman introduces honest-to-goodness Jordan sneakers to the game, and while they don’t come cheap, you at least won’t have to enter a ticket lottery or wait in a 12 hour line overnight to get a pair. The limited-time event includes a for-cash bundle of skins and accessories, a new limited time mode complete with challenges, and a radical new skateboard back bling with nine styles to choose from. Here’s everything you could possibly need to know:

Fortnite X Jumpman ‘Downtown Drop’ LTM Details

Like the rest of Fortnite‘s crossover events, the Jumpman festivities are primarily contained within a special limited time mode. Downtown Drop is a very un-Battle Royale style of game, designed by community members NotNellaf and Tollmolia in collaboration with Nike. Players race through an urban city landscape, collecting Fortnite coins, hidden basketballs, and Air Jordan sneakers tucked away throughout the level.

If that sounds easy, it ain’t — the catch is that everyone slides all the time, and everyone also has unlimited Boogie Bombs and Shockwave Grenades. Points are earned for every item collected, and the winner is the player with the most points at the end of the time limit. There are also rows of colored tiles on the main streets, and sliding over them causes them to change color. This has no gameplay implications, but does factor into a challenge, which we’ll cover here in a second. Items are player specific, thank goodness, which means that when someone else collects a coin in their game, that coin still exists in your game. The focus is on personal performance, rather than impeding other players.

Downtown Drop Challenge Details and Items

Downtown Drop has its own unique set of challenges, which unlock this event’s exclusive skateboard back bling upon completion. Why a skateboard, and not something related to basketball? Your guess is as good as ours, buddy! Accomplishing any single challenge unlocks the Back Board, albeit in its most basic, blank fashion. (Shout outs to all the skaters out there riding blanks.) To unlock the rest of the of the styles, you’ll have to complete other challenges that gradually unlock over the course of the event. Here are the currently unlocked challenges, as of May 22:

  • Change the color of 1,000 tiles
  • Dance or emote between two food trucks
  • Find Jonesy hidden behind a fence
  • Collect a basketball, coin, and shoe in a single match

We were able to collect a basketball, coin, and shoe during our very first Downtown Drop session, and if we can do it, y’all shouldn’t have to worry too much. Completing all 13 challenges unlocks the “Sweaty” board style, seen clipping through Lynx’s hinder above. Can fish sweat? Someone get Bill Nye on the horn.

Item Shop Details

If you want the actual shoes in this Fortnite/shoes collab, you’ll have to drop some cash — veteran sneakerheads will not be surprised by this. For 1,800 v-bucks, you’ll receive “Clutch” (above) and “Grind” (below), each of which come with four unlockable styles and a set of challenges, which unlock said unlockable styles. They’re pretty sick lookin’ skins — we’d totally rock those the Jordans on Clutch’s pink-and-white style IRL. If we were cool enough to pull ’em off, of course. We’re not.

When does Fortnite X Jumpman end?

The event lasts through the weekend of June 1, 2019, according to our in-game timer. Your end-time might be slightly different based on where you live, so be sure to check the “time remaining” countdown on the Downtown Drop challenges page for the most accurate data possible.