Fortnite Wick’s Bounty Event Guide: Challenges, Skins, Cosmetics, End Date

Every drop has consequences, lads.

And here we thought the Avengers: Endgame collaboration was gonna be the only big-ticket Hollywood tie-in to come to Fortnite this year. Apparently not! Apparently this is just a thing that can happen now, because Epic and Keanu Reeves himself (I’m guessing) have teamed up to cram as much John Wick as possible into Battle Royale, leading the way for this week’s theatrical release of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

As with the Avengers crossover, this new “Wick’s Bounty” event introduces a free set of challenges, cosmetic items to be rewarded by said challenges, and premium cosmetics for sale in the item shop. Enter a world of pure assassination and read on for the gritty details.

Wick’s Bounty LTM Details

Wick’s Bounty is a squad-based limited time mode, in which teams of four attempt to collect 500 gold tokens before their rivals. Tokens are earned by downing enemy players, and by interacting with large, rotating tokens on the map. The top three teams with the most gold tokens are revealed to all players on the map, so watch your back!

Each player spawns with a Combat Shotgun, Tactical Assault Rifle, and a limited amount of ammo. Chests are still active on the island, and from our experience it seems that their contents have been limited to ARs, pistols, and the Drum Gun, which feels extremely John Wick. Each player has three respawns at their disposal, after which they are eliminated permanently and their team must continue on without them. There are no Reboot Vans in Wick’s Bounty.

Wick’s Bounty Challenge Details and Items

Three Wickian cosmetics, along with a couple thousand account XP, can be earned by completing five of the six available Wick’s Bounty Challenges. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Win a match of Wick’s Bounty [Rewards One Shot Glider]
  • Play 7 matches of Wick’s Bounty [Rewards Boogeyman Wrap]
  • Collect 120 Gold Tokens [Rewards 500 Account XP]
  • Collect 25 Gold Tokens in a single match [Rewards 500 Account XP]
  • Deal 500 damage with the Combat Shotgun [Rewards 500 Account XP]
  • Deal 500 damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle [Rewards 500 Account XP]

The first three are the ones most will want to focus on, but as with the Avengers challenges, these do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves. Once you’ve accomplished five of the six challenges, you’ll unlock the Gold Token back bling, which doesn’t clip as much/at all in-game, from what we’ve seen.

Item Shop Details

If you want the really cool stuff though, you’re gonna have to spend some real money. John Wick himself is available as a skin for 2,000 v-bucks — you can choose between “Default” and “Damaged” styles when prepping for the day’s business. This skin also comes with the Assassin Pack back bling, which is not sold separately. Mr. Wick’s harvesting tool, the “Simple Sledge,” and his fancy “Assassin” wrap are sold separately, at 500 or 300 v-bucks, respectively.

When does Wick’s Bounty End?

According to the in-game countdown timer, Wick’s Bounty runs through the end of Monday, May 20. Please check your own in-game countdown time for more accurate data that is specific to your region and time-zone!