Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Guide: How to Earn Badges, Unlock Naruto Rewards

The Fortnite x Naruto Shippuden collab is back, and you can earn badges to unlock cosmetic rewards.

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 has kicked off, allowing players to unlock Naruto-themed rewards for a limited time. If you happened to miss the first edition of this event last year, you should jump in on the action while it lasts. The new season introduces massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide focuses on the Fortnite The Nindo 2022, which is a series of challenges with multiple rewards, and how to earn badges.

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How to Take Part in Fortnite The Nindo 2022

To participate in The Nindo 2022 of Fortnite, you need to enter the official site — here’s a handy link — or scan the QR code from the News tab inside the game using your phone’s camera.

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 1

Then, log in using your platform of choice and you should be all set. Your in-game activity should display on The Nindo site from now on.

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Schedule – When Does The Nindo Naruto Event End?

The Nindo 2022 Naruto event in Fortnite runs until Thursday, July 7 at 8:59 p.m. PT/11:59 p.m. ET.

There is a total of four challenges to complete in the Fortnite The Nindo 2022, and you can find the details below:

  • Path of Itachi: Earn 1 Badge every five top-6 finishes in matches
  • Path of Gaara: Earn 1 Badge every 24 storm circles survived
  • Path of Hinata: Earn 1 Badge every 20 fishes caught
  • Path of Orochimaru: Earn 1 Badge every 18 eliminations

As you can see, all challenges are available automatically, so you don’t need to wait until a specific day nor be worried about following a schedule, as opposed to past events like the Lantern Trials. Also, it’s worth noting that “rewards will be granted directly to the recipient’s Epic account within one hour of reaching the relevant amount of badges, or such other time as reasonably required by Epic for such grant,” according to the FAQ, so be patient.

During The Nindo 2022, you can earn just 1 Badge of each Path to get the minimum reward, or earn 5 Badges to receive an XP reward of 20,000 XP as well. In summary, you can earn up to 80,000 XP if you complete all four Paths at least five times each. The supported modes are Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads in Battle Royale, and Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads for Zero Build.

In addition, completing one Path (winning 9 badges) grants you a cosmetic wrap, while completing all four paths (winning 9 badges for each) grants you an exclusive Glider, which is going to take some time.

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 9
“Completing” a Path means earning all badges displayed on the site.

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Rewards

Below are all The Nindo 2022 rewards:

  • Shocked Itachi in-game cosmetic emoticon (Path of Itachi)

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 3

  • Focused Gaara in-game cosmetic emoticon (Path of Gaara)

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 4

  • Byakugan Hinata in-game cosmetic emoticon (Path of Hinata)

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 5

  • Orochimaru’s Smile in-game cosmetic emoticon (Path of Horochimaru)

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 6

  • Akatsuki in-game cosmetic wrap (Complete one Path by getting 9 badges) —  Manda in-game cosmetic glider (Complete all four Paths by getting 9 badges in each)

Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Challenges 7

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That’s all you need to know about the Fortnite The Nindo 2022 Naruto event. Best of luck unlocking all the rewards!