Fortnite Season 9 Week 3 Challenges Guide: Driftboard Tricks, Flying Disc

Tony Hawk collab when?

Quit bouncin’ that basketball so hard, the downstairs neighbors are gonna complain again! Shouldn’t you be doing your homework? What do you mean, “what homework?” Your Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Weekly Challenges homework! Don’t get smart with me! Don’t act like I don’t know that you’ve got Driftboard tricks to perform, or damage to deal within 10 seconds after using a Slipstream! I’ve got the complete list of your assignments right here:

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Fortnite Season 9, Week 3 Challenges

Here’s what you’ll be doing over the weekend:

  • Land a trick with a Driftboard >  Get 3 seconds of air on a Quadcrasher > Destroy opponent structures with a vehicle [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Search 7 chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Deal 200 damage to an opponent within 10 seconds after using a Slipstream [Free | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Visit Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts in a single match > Visit Sunny Steps and Dusty Divot in a single match > Visit Haunted Hills and Salty Springs in a single match [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Throw the Flying Disc toy and catch it before it lands [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Get 3 explosive weapon eliminations [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Deal damage with 5 different weapons in a single match [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]

Land a trick with a Driftboard, etc

Vehicle spawn rates are at their highest in Team Rumble, so you’ll have the best chances of finding a Driftboard (or later, a Quadcrasher) there. That said, the map is positively festooned with Driftboard and Quadcrasher spawn points, so even if you’re playing vanilla Battle Royale, you’ve still got a good chance of finding one. The polar biome has the highest concentration of Driftboards — check around the steel buildings at Frosty Flights and inside the shops at Happy Hamlet. Alternatively, the expedition buildings and pirate structures immediately north of the volcano also tend to have a lot of Driftboards. Just make sure to avoid the entire southeast quadrant of the map, it’s a total Driftboard desert, in addition to being a real one.

Finding a Quadcrasher is a little more challenging, but only just. Our preferred hunting ground is the racetrack just east of Junk Junction, and racetrack west of Happy Hamlet is equally worth checking. There are usually a couple of Quadcrashers on trailers on the south end of Tilted Towers, but looking for a vehicle at Tilted is pretty risk business, especially with people trying to deal damage after using a Slipstream.

Search 7 chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak

As with a lot of challenges, Team Rumble’s enhanced loot table makes it the most efficient option for completing this challenge. Chests spawn 100 percent of the time in Team Rumble, so Lonely Lodge and Polar Peak should both full to bursting. Drop to whichever is on your team’s side of the map and go ham!

Deal 200 damage to an opponent within 10 seconds after using a Slipstream

The grammar on this one is a little awkward, but its for a good reason. You have to deal the damage after using a Slipstream — if you deal damage and then jump into a Slipstream for a clean getaway, it doesn’t count. We’ve highlighted the island’s full Slipstream network on the above map for your convenience, and as you can see, Tilted Towers and Mega Mall are where you’re most likely to find a target. We personally recommend Tilted over Mega Mall since it’s always hopping, just be on your guard! Lots of other folk will be trying to do the exact thing you’re doing.

Visit Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts in a single match, etc

There are three important things to remember with this challenge. First of all, it’s a staged challenge, which means that you can only get credit for visiting one group of locations per match. Secondly, you only have to visit these locations, not drop there, which is an important distinction! And finally, you can visit the two required locations in any order — just because the challenge lists Happy Hamlet first, that doesn’t mean you can’t check Shifty Shafts off the list first. Keep everything straight with the help of our handy map, and you’ll have this knocked out in the required minimum of three matches.

Throw the Flying Disc toy and catch it before it lands

The flying disc (or frisbee, if you’re old like us) is unlocked by reaching tier 35 in the Season 9 Battle Pass, so you won’t be able to complete this challenge until then. Once you’ve got it though, this challenge is extremely simple. Just throw the disc straight up into the air and jump into it as it comes back down — you’ll catch it automatically so long as you make contact with it. (Nag Champa incense and opinions about kombucha homebrew don’t unlock until tier 57.)

Get 3 explosive weapon eliminations

Mark off the third Team Rumble square on your Fanbyte X Fortnite bingo card, folks! Maximum chest spawn rates and beefy supply drops around the storm circle, coupled with unlimited respawns, means that Team Rumble is your absolute best bet for finding an explosive weapon and getting some kills with it. Spend the entire first storm circle looting chests, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have an explosive weapon by the time the real fight starts. If you’re not lucky, the supply drops that populate during the second half of the match usually tend to drop something that goes boom, so make sure and keep an eye out for them on your minimap.

Deal damage with 5 different weapons in a single match

You know what we said in the paragraph immediately above this one? Just do that again, but try to find five different types of weapons instead of one explosive weapon. This should even be easier to do honestly, since you’re a lot more likely to find something that you need from a chest. Also keep in mind that you just need to do damage, not get eliminations, so it doesn’t really matter if the guns you find are all that good. Just get in there and hit somebody!

Hidden Tier

Another odd-numbered week, another Hidden Tier for you to find. This week’s Hidden Tier is located on the road just south of Junk Junction, top of the pile of cars in the back of the dump truck. But remember! The Hidden Tier only spawns on the island once you’ve completed all of this week’s challenges, as well as the challenges from each previous week. Once you’ve got all that done, the glowing icon should spawn once you’ve within a few tiles.