Fortnite Season 9 Driftboard and Quadcrasher Locations

This post is highly drift-compatible.

What it is, my doge! The Fortnite Battle Pass challenges for Week 3 of Season 9 require some fancy vehicle festivities, so we’ve put together a little somethin’ somethin’ to help you find exactly what you need, in as little time as possible.

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Fortnite Season 9 Week 3 Driftboard and Quadcrasher Locations

Vehicle spawn rates are at their highest in Team Rumble, so you’ll have the best chances of finding a Driftboard (or later, a Quadcrasher) there. That said, the map is positively festooned with Driftboard and Quadcrasher spawn points, so even if you’re playing vanilla Battle Royale, you’ve still got a good chance of finding one. The polar biome has the highest concentration of Driftboards — check around the steel buildings at Frosty Flights and inside the shops at Happy Hamlet. Alternatively, the expedition buildings and pirate structures immediately north of the volcano also tend to have a lot of Driftboards. Just make sure to avoid the entire southeast quadrant of the map, it’s a total Driftboard desert, in addition to being a real one.

Finding a Quadcrasher is a little more challenging, but only just. Our preferred hunting ground is the racetrack just east of Junk Junction, and racetrack west of Happy Hamlet is equally worth checking. There are usually a couple of Quadcrashers on trailers on the south end of Tilted Towers, but looking for a vehicle at Tilted is pretty risk business, especially with people trying to deal damage after using a Slipstream.

The reward for completing this challenge is five Battle Stars, or if your Season 9 Battle Pass has reached tier 100, an equivalent amount of account XP.

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