Fortnite Season 8, Week 9: Ice Sculptures, Reboot Vans

We show you where and how to solve each Battle Pass challenge for Week 9 of Season 8!

It’s the penultimate week of Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 8 Battle Pass, which means that I get to use the word “penultimate” in a post again, and lemme tell you, there is no greater thrill than accurately using a word like “penultimate.” Especially when you do it as subtly as I have here, without calling any attention to it! Hit me up, Pulitzer people!

This week’s challenges are extremely vanilla, in stark contrast to the limited-time Avengers crossover event that’s also happening this week. You’ll be landing at Loot Lake, riding volcano vents without landing, dancing between ice sculptures, all the usual stuff. The good news is that most of this week’s challenges can be completed while playing the new Endgame LTM, so you won’t have to take much of a break from super shenanigans to cross ’em off your list. Here’s what you’ll be doing over the weekend:

Fortnite Season 8, Week 9 Challenges

  • Land at Loot Lake > Land at Lucky Landing > Land at Salty Springs > Land at Lonely Lodge > Land at Haunted Hills [Free | 5 Battle Stars total]
  • Search 7 chests at Polar Peak or Lonely Lodge [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Ride 3 different volcano vents without landing [Free | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Dance between three ice sculptures > Dance between three dinosaurs > Dance between 4 hot springs [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents from below [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Revive a teammate at a Reboot Van [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Eliminate an opponent in 5 different matches [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]

Land at Loot Lake, etc

Epic’s ol’ standby, the “land at these five places” challenge. Don’t know what we’d do without you buddy! Load the map above onto your second monitor (or handheld device of choice) and let it guide you through your first five matches. Unfortunately, since this is a staged challenge, you won’t be able to get credit for landing at multiple locations in a single round of the new Endgame LTM. There’s always a catch!

Search 7 chests at Polar Peak or Lonely Lodge

Endgame or Team Rumble are your two main options for completing this challenge in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal frustration. Both modes have respawns enabled, so you’ll be able to spend plenty of time looking for weapons without having to worry about the first circle ending your fun permanently. From a purely utilitarian standpoint, Team Rumble is the fastest way to power through this challenge thanks to its 100 percent spawn rate for chests. Endgame chests are slightly harder to come by, but they do contain mythic Avengers weapons, which are super dope. It really just boils down to whether you want to save time, or the world.

Ride 3 different volcano vents without landing

There are a ton of vents spread around the right half of the map, but if you’re looking to find three in close enough proximity to complete this challenge, you should focus your efforts on the cluster immediately west of the volcano. The first circle of Team Rumble should give you enough time to make it to the volcano and bounce off three vents around the hot springs to the north. If you opt for vents closer to the pirate ship, try cutting down trees first to help reduce your chances of accidentally landing on something. You know what they say: “Success is 80 percent deforestation!”

Dance between three ice sculptures, etc

This is a lot of dancing for not a lot of Battle Stars, but that’s just how Epic do sometimes. With the help of our map, you should be able to land exactly where you need to for each stage and get immediate credit. After that, you’ll be free to go on with your brief, soon to be murdered by Thanos life. Treasure every moment!

Deal 500 damage to opponents from below

I totally get wanting to put off challenges for later, but I cannot stress how much easier it is to finish this one while Endgame is still active. Iron Man’s Repulsors have heavy built-in aim assist, and enemy players are gliding down constantly during the last few circles in this mode. If you keep your gloves on and an eye on the sky, you should be able to deal 500 damage to airborne enemies in a single match. Just make sure to keep your feet on the ground!

Revive a teammate at a Reboot Van

I get that Epic is excited about it’s new vans, and wants to make sure that players know they exist and how to use them, but this is a real bummer of a challenge during an otherwise exciting week of Fortnite. First of all, you have to do this in duos or squads, since you don’t have any teammates in solos and there are no respawn vans in Team Rumble or Endgame. Secondly, this challenge requires that you party with other people, and not everybody is down with that. Some of us have real bad anxiety, Epic!

Anyway, if you have real friends that you play with, you can find a van and then take turns dying and reviving each other to get credit for this challenge. If you don’t have Battle Royale buds, you’ll have to let the game match you into a squad with some randos and hope that they’re just bad enough to let you finish this challenge.

Eliminate an opponent in 5 different matches

As with the “Deal 500 damage” challenge, I strong recommend finishing this challenge while Endgame is still active. The Avengers weapons are a ton of fun and make it very easy to get several eliminations, so you should have no trouble hammer throwing or repulsor blasting your way through this challenge. If you’re reading this in the future and missed Endgame, Team Rumble then becomes your best bet. As always, my advice is to spend the entire first circle looting for the best weapons you can get your hands on.

Hidden Tier

It’s an odd-numbered week, which means a hidden tier spawns on the map once you’ve finished all of the above challenges, as well as the challenges from previous weeks. As shown here, the tier emblem can be found on the deck of the viking ship south-right of Snobby Shores. Remember that it won’t spring into view until you’re within a few tiles! Also, be kind to your neighbors that are also trying to get the emblem. You can kill each other just as dead after everyone gets the tier.