Fortnite Reality Sapling Guide: Where to Collect Reality Seed Locations

How to use Reality Seeds to plant Reality Saplings in Fortnite.

The Fortnite Reality Sapling is a new feature introduced in Chapter 3 Season 3. Using the new Reality Seeds, the saplings provide a number of benefits and feel almost like a lite version of a farming minigame. The new season presents massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide explains how to plant or summon Reality Saplings in Fortnite using Reality Seeds.

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Fortnite Collect Reality Seeds: How to Plant or Summon Reality Saplings Using Reality Seeds

One of the Zero Week quests asks you to plant or summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds in Fortnite. This serves as an introduction to a new feature that feels almost like a farming minigame. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to complete the quest itself, but we’ll be going through some details later on in case you want to know more about how the mechanic works.

If you’re wondering where to find Reality Seed locations in Fortnite, I recommend using the Reality Seed Pods in Reality Falls, which is one of the new areas in the game. If you land directly from the Battle Bus to this spot, you’re guaranteed to find a Reality Seed Pod on top of the big branch coming from the tree.

In order to open a Reality Seed Pod in Fortnite, you have to break it using your pickaxe or any weapons at your disposal. Once you’ve depleted its life, a couple of Reality Seeds are going to come out from inside. Reality Seeds float in the air, so they’re going to stay above ground for a few seconds and then slowly descend — you can go ahead and grab them mid-air or just wait until they’re closer to the ground. Once you have one, they basically act as an item.

Now, planting a Reality Sapling is super easy — select the Reality Seed from your inventory and move the silhouette in the grass around Reality Falls until it’s blue and you can place it. That is all! You’re now the owner of your own sapling. The quest to plant or summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds asks for three saplings, so just repeat the process until you have all three.

That is all for the quest! If you’re curious about what the Reality Sapling does in Fortnite, here’s a breakdown:

  • After you’ve planted a Reality Sapling, this will take a specific amount of time until the next weeding. For me, it was around 6 hours, but this may vary
  • The Reality Sapling has fruits, which are like small chests containing items and weapons of the rarity of the color they display (you can see both the rarity and the time until the next weeding by opening the map and looking at the stat screen on the left)
  • If you take care of the plant, the rarity is going to evolve
  • Make sure to keep an eye on any weed that forms around the plant, as they’re going to affect its growth — just pick them up to get rid of them
  • In addition, there usually are mushrooms that provide 10 shield each, and yes, you can also grab them from other players’ Reality Saplings

Best of luck with your garden!